When following a ketogenic diet we often look for supplements that help us stay or even get into the state of ketosis. Ketosis is the main goal when trying to maintain a ketogenic diet. From ketosis we will lose weight as well as promote better fat loss. The state of ketosis helps with mood, energy, focus, strength and sleeping better.

What is Pruvit Ketones

Pruvit Ketones called Keto//OS is a product that claims to allow users to get to the state of ketosis in 60 minutes after consumption of the drink. Keto//OS claims to do this by having both beta-hydroxybutyrate as well as MCT power in it. With the combination of the two there has been seen an effective raise in ketone levels in the blood without the dietary changes needed.

With both in the Pruvit Ketones product it is said to help enter the state of ketosis much quicker than trying to cut dietary factors out. By doing it with this method cutting down and staying satisfied longer will come easier as the state of ketosis aids in greater appetite control.

The product leans on the ketogenic diet showing users how the state of ketosis benefits with weight loss. Using the exogenous ketones like the Keto//OS will be a vital way of reducing appetite to make progress be achieved at faster rates.

Keto//Os helps users beat the keto flu which has symptoms such as fatigue, nausea, and diarrhea. These are common when first starting the ketogenic diet, and by using the product the levels of ketones in the blood will be raised to help overcome the symptoms.

What’s in Every Packet?

Each packet of Pruvit ketones is a select blend of a few vitamins, a maximum energy blend, and of course BHB. Each packet contains only 45 calories, but has approximately 5 grams of your total net carbs for your daily dose. They are also loaded with vitamin B6 and B12 (as Methylcobalamin) that are well beyond the normal dose (294% of your B6 and 4167% of your B12 daily values), 21% of your daily dose of Calcium (make sure you’re taking vitamin D or get plenty of it to absorb this healthy calcium amount), and a 910mg serving of sodium (40% of your DV). You also get a dose of L-Taurine (a very essential amino acid), KetoNAT™ which is the R-Beta Hydroxybutyrate source, Fermented L-Leucine, and a special C-Med 100® made from the inside bark of Cat’s claw (aids in digestive health, immune system, and more). All of these additives in the last part (from KetoNAT down) make up a special 12.6-gram blend of what they call N8 Max NAT™.  Inactive ingredients are a stevia extract, erythritol (sugar alcohol), natural flavors, citric acid, caffeine, and also xanthan gum. They state that the equivalent of caffeine content per serving is equal to that of a 16 oz. coffee, but in general that all depends on just how strong you like your coffee. All-in-all though, it has about 160mg of caffeine just as a rough estimate.

What is Methylcobalamin?

On a special note, we’re going to throw this in here because it could affect you in positive ways and negative ways. While the key thing to think about is how the taurine, the B6, and B12 vitamins can help you with energy when combined with caffeine, it should be mentally noted that methylcobalamin, which is the natural form of vitamin B12 in such a high dose may hinder the ability to do things like pass a drug test if you’re going in for an interview. Make sure that you point out that you took this supplement, or don’t take it for about 2 days when you know you’re going to have one. There are other energy products out there, such as WorkForce™ which has even been sold at major retail stores such as Walgreens and Wal-Mart, which contain this form of vitamin B12 in a similar dose. If you’re taking it every day, you may want to decrease the dose, or get back into taking it after your drug test passes. Methylcobalamin has been known to cause what is known as false positive readings of drugs in our bodies, ranging anywhere from methamphetamines, all the way to THC (marijuana). Because of this, mouth swab tests, and urine tests can be affected and if you are going to need a drug screen, this product should not be taken within a couple days prior.

How does Pruvit work?

While we covered this topic a little bit in the above paragraphs, we can now get more in-depth with why these essential blends like the Nat8 Max NAT blend helps to do is create energy levels, increase focus and physical alertness, as well as help burn fat by increasing your ketone levels and satiating your hunger. The repair C-Med actually helps in ridding and detoxifying your cells internally, which will help you rapidly recover from a keto flu, as well as being formulated to be able to repair and rapidly recover from other aspects which could be causing your physical energy levels to be lower. With the natural BHB salts entering our bodies, we’re also getting assistance in order to better absorb ketones naturally so you can reach ketosis faster as well.

How does Pruvit Taste

Pruvit’s Keto OS system comes in a variety of flavors, and you can literally mix it with anything, but more commonly you’ll be wanting to increase your water intake as well, so you may just be better off mixing it with that. The powder comes in both small convenience pouches, or large bulk jugs as well. You may not want to overdo these, and you should only take this as much as Pruvit actually says you should.

Some users have complained that the taste and flavor is actually rather strong, but that just makes this form of exogenous ketone be able to taste better, as it is a perfect way to break yourself from the monotony of your daily regimen of soda and other harmful drinks that wouldn’t give you this boost which you may need.

There are multiple flavors of this powdered ketone drink available. Their current flavors are Holy Grail, Splash, Lime Time, Maui Punch, Heart Tart, and Raspberry Lemonade. You can purchase these in “charged” (caffeinated by Caffeine Hydrous), or decaffeinated.

Now, the major complaint that people didn’t like was actually the taste. This is because exogenous ketones aren’t the best tasting things in the world, and they taste like vitamins (well duh!). However, once you get past it and kind of get an acquired taste to it, you may still notice that the xanthan gum and inulin are the most prominent reasons why there is even an aftertaste at all. Most users recommend using it as an additive to their already keto-friendly meal replacement shake or smoothie.

How does Pruvit compare to Other Products?

One of the main competitors on the market today is Perfect Keto, and they aim to the better job for you so you can indeed have the most customer service. One downside to Pruvit is their mid-level marketing system, which they utilize for security as well as their “employment opportunity” scheme for those of us who want to purchase the product. In order to be a part of the Pruvit system, you need to be referred to order from someone and then you can use the referral code to join the marketing team and get your product, while other products don’t require this networking system in order to purchase them.

Another thing too, is that products like this are great for those who are actually on a ketogenic diet and want to get into ketosis faster than normal, but for those who are just looking for an energy boost, and a way to burn fats, products like this aren’t out there for that. You’d be wasting your money because of the amount you would spend on a premier product like Pruvit.

The main delivery system is the BHB, but Pruvit doesn’t say just how much of the essential ketone is actually available in each drink. This alone can almost sound shady, since other keto brands and keto-friendly drinks list in great detail how much they have of literally everything, while Pruvit maintains a hold on its “trade secrets”.

Does it Have to Have Caffeine?

While we mentioned that caffeine is one of the things that is in Keto//OS, it’s not a necessity. They already have an un- “charged” version of their drink which is actually caffeine free. So if you’re wanting the extra energy and focus boost to battle a keto flu while at the same time not needing the amount of caffeine (some people are simply more or less not phased by the level of caffeine in this drink, or on the other end of the spectrum, they are extremely sensitive to caffeine, and it can cause jitters, high pulse, increased blood pressure and more normal things that caffeine does). With all of the vitamins in there, you should be able to get just as much physical and mental alertness, although some people just enjoy the idea of a caffeinated beverage for even more of an edge.

What about the Price?

The price has been debatable from users and while some say that other products such as Perfect Keto products are available for less, they do have a different chemical makeup altogether when you compare them to the Pruvit Keto system. The price of a 20 serving pouch is more than $120, and you can save some while you’re buying it if you plan on repeating, by just signing up for their subscription plan which will bill you monthly. One thing you can do too, is get special items on the list by joining the website as a promoter, which also enables you to be a seller.

Common Questions & Answers about Pruvit

Some users want to know what kind of extra keto-friendly products they have. They actually have a lot of questions regarding when to take the product. The answer to this is normally when you first wake up early in your day, and then increase your water intake throughout the day. One way to do this is to take your body weight and divide in half. That number is the amount of ounces of water you should drink on a daily basis. So for example, if you weigh 212 pounds, you want to divide that in half, and this means you would drink 106 ounces of water per day! (It’s amazing to think of how much water we actually need in order to stay fully hydrated and ensure that our fat cells have plenty of water to be burnt during the file conversion process. So for someone weighing that much, they should be able to drink 13 8oz glasses of water, and then they can drink another one at night, but you need to make sure that the one you take at night isn’t caffeinated (to avoid staying up all night).

Other questions are “What’s inside it?”, well we’ve answered that above. Another good one that is heard frequently is whether or not it has been approved by the FDA. The answer to this at the moment is no, but that’s subject to change in the near future as well.

One of our favorites is Why would I take Keto//OS? All I can say is yes, why would you? When you’re on a ketone diet, it’s important to keep your body from crashing. Your body is learning to repair itself completely from scratch again, but this time, it’s simply not using gluconeogenesis as much as it is ketosis.

The other good question is “Where do BHB salts come from?” Well to answer this, the BHB salt is a chemical that is made up of the salt and potassium that’s in our system, along with the Ketone B-Hydroxybutyrate. These are combined together and when it’s processed with the water in your blood, it turns into a good proper ketone that goes straight to your blood stream for your body to digest.

What Other Pruvit Users (and Non-Users) Have to Say

When it comes to users of Pruvit as compared to some other brands of keto-helpers like Perfect Keto, many actually use both. The biggest thing that most users have stated is that they used Pruvit to quickly jump into keto or to recover from a keto flu, and then used the perpetual other brands in order to maintain or reinforce their ketosis and help sustain it. While Pruvit has many positive reviews on much of their available products, they do have some small percentage of those who gave it horrible reviews. The largest complaint was actually the price of the product, and that you had to be referred and provide the referral code in order to purchase the product. This is something that most other keto brands don’t do. You generally just order, purchase, then receive and use your product like a normal online web store.

Other than this, there are a select few reviews online that are completely putting down the Pruvit name, but generally, these online users aren’t even users of the product at all, or any exogenous ketones for that matter. Many of these users are hardcore natural ketoers who are just suggesting that you achieve ketosis the way they did it by naturally changing your diets and lifestyle. Of course, yes, this can drastically help you achieve ketosis quicker, not everyone has this option that the person who is putting down supplementing, and it’s not really fair that someone who hasn’t tried to supplement when it was needed, to say that it’s wrong and that others shouldn’t do it.

On That Note, Is Pruvit for Everyone?

When you’re keto dieting, or just starting your diet, you may want to supplement, as this will help you greatly, and can help you with numerous ailments that you may have. But you do want to do your research. The keto diet isn’t just some diet that you can dig up some info on, and then bam, all of a sudden you’re in ketosis. It takes a lot of research, and a lot of work in order to achieve the status of ketosis. Once your body is in that state, there is a lot more that you can gain from it.

When it comes to supplementing, you only want to supplement in general if you’re not getting enough actual ketones like BHB. This is actually easy to do, because we are human beings and have very busy lives. When we have to work numerous hours of the day, and are working hard in order to achieve something like ketosis, we may not eat all of the macronutrients we need in order to help our bodies create the proper levels of BHB and other ketones that are essential to the entire keto process. Not only this, but many new ketoers get a case of the “keto flu” then feel let down, lethargic, and want to give up. That’s where supplementing factors like Pruvit and even Perfect Keto come into play.

Is this article saying that Pruvit is better than Perfect Keto? Definitely not, as there are so many different Perfect Keto products out there to suit your needs. What we are saying though is that depending on what your needs are is what’s going to determine how you’re going to start your process, and whether you’re going to want to use Pruvit or another brand. Because of the different variances in everyone’s body, Pruvit might just be the way you want to start, or even continuously sustain your ketosis. It is not meant to simply be an energy booster, metabolism booster, or any other form of “boost” if you don’t’ need it though.

Conclusion: Can they Pruvit?

In an honest opinion, and based on the information in this article, it can easily be determined that Pruvit can indeed be an essential part of your keto diet, and definitely help you when you’re starting it. Therefore, it may very well be worth the money, because there are nutrients in it that aren’t in other keto brands’ products. However, when it comes to sustainability and whether you should keep using it, that is a debatable topic.

Why is that you may ask? Because many products out there list literally every detail about their product, which builds trust in the consumer. Being able to know how much of what is in your product not only follows standard FDA safety regulations, but also helps those who want information know the exact amount of a product, and this is extremely important when it comes to the keto market, because there is so much at stake, and everything needs to be properly planned out. By building an entire army of followers, you can sell more, and that’s the only thing that they do have going for them. Not only that, but it is also a little bit of a throwback that you have to sign up for it. You can’t order this product discreetly at all, and while they may claim to, then why do you have to become team members? In a way, this chain game is a great way to enable everyone to help learn how to market a decent product, but this shouldn’t be necessary with any product. If you like something, you should be able to spread the word, and people buy it. Things like this can give you a discount, but you shouldn’t be forced into it.

Aside from the trust and signing up necessity, Pruvit is actually not a bad product, and it is recommendable by many users who have actually been using the product, even when they use this product in conjunction with other products such as Perfect Keto, or other brand names (the main competitor for this product is actually Perfect Keto, which is why we’re discussing them the most).

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