Perfect Keto Whey Protein Powder Review – Ketogenic-Friendly Protein

Perfect Keto is a company that develops keto-friendly products that help people who are on the ketogenic diet receive the energy they need to get through the day. One of the products that the company’s most well known for is its Keto Whey Protein, which is clean protein that contains all nine essential amino acids that you need for your body and mind. The product is a grass-fed whey protein powder that contains additional MCTs, a low amount of carbs, and whole, high quality ingredients. The benefits of Perfect Keto’s whey protein include:

  • It has healthy fats that won’t interfere with your diet
  • It mixes with liquid easily and efficiently
  • It’s perfect for people who are on the go
  • It supports your diet with the micronutrient count you need

What Exactly Is Whey Protein?

Perfect Keto uses whey protein isolate, which is a type of whey protein that’s been filtered extensively in order to take away as much lactose as possible from the end product so people who are lactose intolerant don’t have an adverse reaction to it; lactose is the primary sugar that leads to adverse reactions. For people who are on the keto diet, it’s important to note that protein won’t interfere with your ketosis state. In fact, it’s essential that you make sure you’re consuming protein, because the chances are you’re not getting enough as you’re dieting.

Perfect Keto’s whey protein has 15 grams of protein in each scoop. If you work out intensely or are an athlete, you may need two scoops, however just one is fine for most people. You might also have heard of collagen protein. Whey and collagen have different purposes, and you can take them together or individually. In general, it’s best to take whey protein after you’re done working out, and it’s best to take collagen as a filling snack in between meals.

What Are the Macronutrients in Perfect Keto’s Whey Protein?

This product helps you to fuel your workouts with MCTs and protein that’s keto friendly. With whey protein, your post-workout shakes can be even more beneficial when you add this protein supplement that tastes great and was developed to give you a boost whenever you need it. It fits with the keto diet perfectly given that it has:

  • 19 grams of high quality and healthy fats
  • 15 grams of whey protein isolate (90%) that comes from grass-fed dairy
  • 5 grams of MCT Oil Powder
  • 3 grams of carbs

With Perfect Keto, you can use your protein shake as a tool to stay low on the carbs but keep up with your necessary protein. A big challenge that often accompanies the keto diet is being able to consume a moderate amount of protein; unfortunately, as you cut carbs, many of those foods lead to cutting protein as well. Oftentimes, people also find that while they’re on the keto diet they’re simply not hungry for meals that are high in protein.

Over time, this can lead to complications, because although you’re trying to lose weight you need to maintain your muscle mass and continue to be healthy. While protein shakes are a convenient and efficient answer to this, unfortunately a lot of products contain high amounts of sugar, artificial chemicals, and other ingredients that can wreak havoc on your diet.

What Ingredients Are in Perfect Keto Whey Protein?

Perfect Keto has created one of the few protein supplements you’ll find that’s keto friendly and contains a high amount of fats rather than simply focusing on the protein. It was formulated by medical professionals to ensure its safety for the keto diet, and Perfect Keto also ensured that it tastes delicious so you don’t end up avoiding your protein shakes.

Ingredients include:

  • Whey protein isolate (90%) from grass-fed dairy. Dairy provides two forms of protein:casein, and whey. Whey is the most common kind, given its use in preventing loss of muscles and its ability to be digested quickly. It’s a great aid for building muscles and for recovery after exercise. However, the fact that whey has lactose is an issue. Lactose is a type of sugar, and most people should limit their exposure or avoid it altogether. Due to this, Perfect Keto makes sure to use whey protein isolate, because this has been intensively filtered so its lactose has been removed.
  • MCT oil powder, which is what makes Perfect Keto’s formula so keto friendly. MCTs are medium chain triglycerides, which are healthy fats that are better digested and absorbed by your body.
  • Cocoa powder, which comes from cocoa beans and which is full of antioxidants and polyphenols. These contribute to your positive overall health as well as the health of your heart, the flow of your blood, and the function of your brain.
  • Extract from the stevia leaf, which is a replacement for sugar that is completely natural and won’t give an increase to the glucose that’s in your blood.
  • Gum acacia, which is used to emulsify. Research has shown this is easier on your digestive system than other common emulsifiers.
  • Sea salt, to help the taste.

Perfect Keto also ensures that its products have clean, whole ingredients. Its whey protein does not contain any chemicals, additives, cheap amino acids, a high nitrogen content, or fillers.

Conclusion – Perfect Keto Whey Protein Review

If you’re on the ketogenic diet, you know it can be tough to find products that help you in your diet, keep you feeling full as you ensure you hit your macros, and don’t accidentally throw you out of ketosis. Perfect Keto’s Whey Protein is a great product that gives you protein and keeps you full in a keto friendly manner. Use it when you need a snack, when you need a quick breakfast on the go that’ll be quick yet low on carbs, before you work out, whenever you need a great boost to your energy, and when you realize your protein levels are low. Simply mix a scoop of Keto Whey with your favorite drink, whether it’s coffee, almond milk, or a smoothie.

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