Because of the new rising market of exogenous ketones as a supplement for enhancing your various performance levels, as well as your mental levels and overall well-being, keto friendly drink mixes have been getting boosts in sales, as well as impacting people all over who are asking numerous questions and don’t understand about what’s important when it comes to other ketone products. Why is this? Because people don’t want to make a mistake and end up getting something on the market that they don’t know anything. Therefore, we’re creating this guide to help pit the two most popular keto friendly drinks on the market against one another. Welcome to the battle of Perfect Keto vs Pruvit Keto//OS.

What is Pruvit?

Just as their name implies, they want to prove it that their drink is the best. Of course, there are numerous differences, such as flavors even, that make the keto products made by Pruvit popular. Although they’re big on some things, they’re not exactly as remarkable as those products made by Perfect Keto. For starters, flavors of Keto//OS is limited to Max Maui Punch, Max Swiss Cacao, Chocolate Swirl, and Orange Dream. You can get these products both caffeine free, or with extra caffeine added in order to give yourself a little boost of energy and liveliness. But what is Pruvit exactly?

Pruvit came about as a competitor in the keto supplement market in 2013 to help your body reach the state of ketosis that every ketoer wants to achieve. However, despite the statistics, we’ll see just how the main goal of Pruvit is like a pyramid scheme just as similar as those such as TruVision Health, and more. Everyone’s jumping on the bandwagon now when it comes to keto friendly installers, and products. More than anything, you can’t expect Pruvit to literally replace your body’s primary source of food, which should be from your natural food intake. We’ll get into the ingredients and more details soon.

They Both Contain BHB

In Keto//OS the BHB is listed as one of their primary ingredients in their vitamin and mineral lists. But it’s not exactly known just how much of the product you’re getting when you actually start going and mixing your drinks. Why? Because various elements can settle for a while before you actually start to consume the product. Therefore, you may be getting more BHB in one dose, while not very much in the next one. They are excellently lower in carbs than most other drinks out there on the market, and they contain both Inulin and Xanthan gum as their main fillers. Unlike some meal replacement shakes and other items on the keto bandwagon, their product contains optional caffeine, and they get their sugars from erythritol, which is a very small and measly 4 grams per serving. The flavor of Orange Dream also contains dairy, something that perfect keto definitely doesn’t have.

Caffeine Warning

Effects of caffeine aren’t actual burnable energy. Therefore, do everything you can to notice the difference from transformation into ketosis as compared to the caffeine kick. Not only this, but some people are allergic to caffeine, so it’s very important that you make sure you aren’t confusing the small boost of energy you get from the caffeine jolt quite as real as the energy you would naturally get by achieving ketosis.

Most Drinks Have More Carbs

Other diet drinks out there don’t compare with Pruvit (or even keto for that matter), and what you end up with is a gigantic drink which costs a lot, but also isn’t quite as nutritious either. With both products, you get a substantially lower volume of garbs. While small amounts of carbohydrates between 3 and 5 grams of carbs is generally safe enough for your ketosis, you may actually need to keep an eye on this, because when you’re limiting your intake to anywhere from 30-50 grams of net carbs per day, these little bumps can add up. And that 5 grams is approximately one sixth of your daily intake of net carbs.

Stacking The Two Up Together: In these next sections, we’re going to put Pruvit’s Keto/OS right along with Perfect Keto. You be the judge and decide which is the better alternative of the two.

How Do You Buy Pruvit Keto//OS and Perfect Keto?

You don’t have ultimate freedom when it comes to buying Keto//OS. You actually have to be referred by someone who gives you a referral code. Why? Because of the multi-level-marketing structure they have. So basically, this is almost exactly like TruVision Health, and many other marketing level pyramid schemes. That sounds shady to me, and with their numerous negative reviews, it can definitely seem like they’re not as good as they should be.

With Perfect Keto, you don’t have to jump through any hoops. You don’t have to be a member of their website, and you can literally buy them as if you were buying from a regular retail site. Simply add your item to the cart, choose a flavor if you want one, and any other products (like a mixing cup, etc.), and then you can simply checkout, receive, and enjoy your order.

Vague Pricing Details

While we won’t get into too much detail, in this article we can honestly say that Keto//OS costs nearly twice as much as the Perfect Keto supplements, as each of the Perfect Keto products are less than sixty dollars. And what’s even more important, you get a standard 15% discount currently with perfect keto (even more if they have a bigger sale price) with a subscription (monthly deliveries), whereas you only get about a seven to eleven percent discount with the Keto//OS subscription discount.

Is Pruvit all That Bad?

While in general, they do have plenty of good reviews to go right along with their negatives. There’s nothing wrong with that. The biggest complaint that people had other than the product not working for them (most often, this is the case of the unwillingness to make the proper and necessary lifestyle changes that you would need to make in order to achieve ketosis) is that there is a really strong flavor. The ingredients aren’t that bad, and they’re excellent for those who are trying to get rid of the bad habit of drinking soda, because it still has plenty of flavor. You can always switch to Perfect Keto later.

What about Calories and Carbs?

Pruvit actually has more calories than the Perfect Keto packets, especially in the EK packets. Pruvit has 45 calories, while Perfect Keto only has 15. The net carbs balances out though for Perfect Keto and it’s definitely the winner of that category too. When it comes to the BHB, it’s also somewhat of a downfall for Pruvit because they don’t list how much they put into it. Really… can you actually get away with saying that you put BHB into it, but can’t say how much? Perfect Keto has a little more than eleven grams of BHB in their product, which makes it really high on the ketone production.

Ketones Need to be Supplemented Carefully

When it comes to supplementing with ketones, it’s very important that you monitor your blood levels, as well as your ketone intake as well. You can get too many ketones outside of your actual diet if you’re not careful, and supplementing with extra ketones can actually cause problems if you don’t actually completely research what you’re doing, and the keto diet itself. Not only that, but some people don’t actually need all of the excess ketones if they get plenty in their diet. For those reasons, they need to only eliminate the amount of carbohydrates that they intake.

Conclusion – Perfect Keto vs Pruvit

When it comes to all of the above possibilities, it still looks like the champion, Perfect Keto, will still remain the champion over Pruvit. While Pruvit isn’t bad, it’s not for everyone. At the same time, if you’re willing to spend all that extra cash, and join the board of the multi-level marketers (MLM), then you can easily become an advocate through the product as well. Once you purchase the product, I highly would suggest giving it a try for a while first and see how long it takes you to achieve ketosis and not get the keto flu, which is actually very common in the keto world. But don’t just take our word for it. Not only that, if you look at Pruvit’s catalog, there are simply more items available on the Perfect Keto website than the amount of items in Pruvit’s store. The reason for this, is because Perfect Keto has literally spent the last nearly 20 years perfecting their recipe, as well as trying to improve your health with the right keto supplement formulas.

Perfect Keto does contain BHB as well, and is just getting you the extra nutrients you need in order to achieve ketosis faster. Other ingredients in the perfect keto health doesn’t only limit themselves to drink mixes and keto friendly BHB powder. As a matter of fact, they have numerous products available that can be readily purchased in the very same way.

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