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In the last few years, the ketogenic diet has exploded in popularity. In 2017, it was one of the top Google searches when it came to nutrition and diet. Since then, it’s become known as the “keto craze”, as tons of people are interested in this diet and the way you’re required to eat on it: you cut out all the carbs from your diet as you increase your fat intake. This diet is appealing to many people, as it still allows you to eat some of your favorite foods, including bacon, eggs, and butter.

However, like many diets, it can be tough to get started on this. A lot of people are unsure about how to begin with their ketogenic diet, and don’t understand how they can get exogenous ketones into their body. It’s recommended that you start out with some research and learn all you can about the diet before you start eating keto foods, so that way you can ensure you’re doing so in a safe and efficient manner.

Are you unsure where to start? Luckily, keto product companies such as Perfect Keto are here for you with products like the Perfect Keto Starter Bundle.  This bundle has everything you need as you begin the keto diet, from testing strips to collagen protein to MCT oil powder. If you’re nervous or scared, Perfect Keto is a great resource for you.   

Tips for Beginning the Keto Diet

As you lower your carb intake and increase your consumption of fats, it’ll take some time for your body to adjust. During this period of adjustment, you’ll likely feel weak and nauseous. Not to worry; everyone goes through this, and there are some tips you can follow so you don’t feel too bad and can ensure you’re healthy as you begin the keto diet:

  • Try not to be too stressed. Stress leads to an increase in your blood sugar, which doesn’t do you any favors as you try to enter ketosis. As you stress out, you’re preventing yourself from being successful. So get plenty of sleep, relax, take it easy with your workouts, and spend time outside.
  • Gradually lower your carbs. It’s going to be very difficult to cut out all your carbs from your diet completely, so take it easy. For a couple of days, eat low-carb, keto meals before you completely go on a strict diet.
  • Stay active and get exercise. Physical activity will help you enter the keto-adaptation process faster. Just make sure you take it easy and stick to walking or jogging for a few days, before you go back to resistance or strength training to maintain your muscles.
  • Keep up with your electrolyte intake. Many people aren’t getting enough electrolytes as they begin the keto diet, because they lost a lot of water when they cut out carbs, and they unfortunately become dehydrated. To prevent this, add salt to your meals and food, use sodium-filled seasoning and sauces, eat salty snacks such as kale chips or beef jerky, and take supplements that have additional electrolytes.

How Can Perfect Keto’s Starter Bundle Help Me Start?

Perfect Keto has been well established as a great keto supplement brand because all of their products don’t contain artificial sweeteners or additives whatsoever. If you’d like to kick off your diet with a pack of great supplements that bring you all of the minerals, electrolytes, and support you need to start off healthily and enter ketosis quickly, consider getting the Starter Bundle from this company. In this bundle, you’ll get supplements that help you focus and give a boost to your energy as they help you burn fat and enter ketosis.

The Starter Bundle contains:

  • Exogenous Ketones, which help provide a boost to your ketone levels and keep off symptoms of the keto flu as you enter ketosis.
  • MCT Oil Powder, which is one of the best supplements you can get. It’s a powered, versatile energy snack that’s keto friendly. MCTs also are one of the healthiest fats you can consume.
  • Keto Collagen Protein powder, which helps your GI tract, hair, skin, and nails stay healthy as you make the transition. It contains healthy fats that help you produce ketones.
  • Ketone Testing Strips so it’s easy for you to determine whether you’ve made the transition into ketosis.

Since this is offered in a bundle, you’ll also save money versus buying everything individually. You can choose between vanilla, salted caramel, or chocolate flavors for the starter pack. The Starter Bundle does tend to sell out, so get your hands on it as soon as possible.  You’ll get everything that’s necessary to fuel a successful ketogenic lifestyle, and it’s great for beginners because on top of all this, the bundle also has a guide, which helps you get started.

What is Keto Collagen?

Collagen is a protein that has been shown to reduce the appearance of cellulite. It’s also known to benefit GI tracts and keep them functioning in a healthy and efficient manner. Research has shown that ingesting collagen supplements can reduce wrinkles, give a boost to the elasticity of your skin, increase the growth of your nails by 12%, and prevent the loss and thinning of your hair.

Although you’re born with a natural abundance of collagen within your body, you lose the amount by 1% each year as you get older. This is why taking collagen supplements is important and can be very beneficial to you. To ensure you’re getting a supplement that’s keto friendly and doesn’t contain any hidden carbs that might throw you out of ketosis, you should get Perfect Keto’s Grass-Fed Keto Collagen Protein. Luckily, this supplement is included in their Starter Bundle.

What is MCT Oil Powder?

MCT Oil is the ultimate source of energy for you if you’re on the ketogenic diet. MCTs (medium chain triglycerides) aren’t stored in your body as fats. They also provide a boost to your metabolism, and they’re one of the most bioavailable and effective forms of fat-they’re the best keto snack. Clinical studies have shown that people who are on a diet to lose weight and consume MCTs during the diet, tend to lose more weight than people who are dieting and don’t take MCTs. In another instance, MCTs were found to suppress body fat accumulation for both women and men. Yet another study discovered that for individuals, regardless of whether they were lean or obese, who consumed meals alongside MCTs experienced an increase to their metabolism.

These are just several of many reasons why Perfect Keto has developed MCT Oil Powder and incorporated MCTs into its line of products. In order to burn fat efficiently, increase your metabolism, and gain energy, you need MCTs. They’ll also:

  • Help you lose weight healthily
  • Regulate your hormones
  • Maintain a healthy gut
  • Support the prevention and treatment of diseases
  • Give an increase to your athletic performance as you exercise

Why Are the Testing Strips Included?

The testing strips that come in the Starter Bundle can leave many people confused. However, this is an incredibly useful tool as you begin the ketogenic diet; as you begin to burn fat, you need to test the amount of ketones your body is producing so you can see if you’re entering ketosis, and luckily, you can conduct these tests at home. Perfect Keto’s urine strips are lab grade and are very reliable for people who test whether they’re in ketosis. They’re easy to use, and are not as expensive as blood strips.

Keto strips are quite helpful because your body will be making the switch from using carbs as the primary fuel for energy, to burning fats instead as a means for fuel. As your body metabolizes fat, this will generate molecules that are known as ketones. Ketone testing strips will measure the levels of these ketones, and help you regulate how well your keto diet is going. Using Perfect Keto can be a reliable and quick way to for sure know if you’re in ketosis.

What is The Exogenous Ketone Base?

This is a keto base supplement that’s included in your Perfect Keto Starter Bundle. The base is made from high quality BHB (Beta Hydroxy-butyrate), and doesn’t contain any additives or fillers. With this supplement, you’ll find that it’s easier to enter–and maintain–ketosis. It’s very difficult to adhere to the keto diet, as its restrictions are very strict. Keto friendly supplements such as Perfect Keto’s ketone base can help you succeed in your health and wellness goals.

Benefits to using Ketone Base include:

  • Your appetite is controlled
  • Your focus is increased
  • Your athletic performance is supported
  • Your energy levels will be sustained
  • It supports a healthy metabolism

Conclusion – Perfect Keto Starter Bundle Review

Starting on the ketogenic diet isn’t easy–that’s why Perfect Keto has developed its Starter Bundle. This package of ketone testing strips and keto friendly supplements are the perfect solution for anyone who’s beginning this diet, and for anyone who has found they’ve struggled to maintain it. Together, these four powerhouse products can completely change your results and help you be successful on the ketogenic diet.

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