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Perfect keto is a company that specializes in supplements for getting into the state of ketosis. These supplements help the body to get into the state of ketosis quicker than it would be able to on its’ own as well as to maintain the state of ketosis better than it would without the supplement.

The Perfect keto company offers two main supplements for getting into the state of ketosis these two supplements being beta-hydroxybutyrate salt ketone and medium chain triglycerides oil powder.  The beta-hydroxybutyrate more commonly known as BHB comes in a powder form with a total of five flavors. The medium chain triglycerides oil powder or MCT oil powder comes in a variety of four flavors to chose from.

The first product being the BHB powder is low calorie and energy dense that is sweetened with a natural ingredient, this is important as many other companies still use sweeteners that are not ketogenic friendly and can actually kick you from the state of ketosis.  With the perfect keto powder your body only needs one serving to help boost ketone levels and enhance results of the ketogenic diet. The BHB powder from the perfect keto company has zero carbohydrates added so that the calorie consumption stays low and healthy. The flavors offered for the Perfect keto BHB base are chocolate, coffee, salted caramel, vanilla, and peaches and cream.

The ingredients of perfect keto BHB salts are very simple. They include of course the beta-hydroxybutyrate, which is the main reason one would choose to use this supplement. The second ingredient is stevia leaf which provides an all natural sweetener to help the flavor as well as give users a sweeter way to diet.  The third ingredient is monk fruit extract which also helps with flavor. These last two ingredients are the keys to making the powder have a good taste without adding so many carbs and calories.

Medium chain Triglycerides are saturated fats the body quickly absorbs to use for energy. As fast as they are metabolized they are one of the fastest way to get ketones. The MCT oil powder that perfect keto makes promises no fake ingredients or additives keeping is low carb and low calorie. With it having such a fast turn of ketones for energy and being lower calorie and carb it makes for a great supplement to achieve keto goals.

Perfect Ketos’ MCT oil powder promises pure MCT oil powder with acacia fiber, stevia leaf and other natural flavors. The salted caramel includes sea salt in its ingredients. None of the ingredients are artificial.

Are there More Flavors?

Yes, as a matter of fact there are. Perfect Keto has different flavors of their products for their customers desires. Chocolate lovers actually love the flavor or Chocolate Sea Salt, as it gives a hint of a dark chocolate and sea salt taste that is commonly popular in many dark chocolate bars (just without all of the sugars). Other uses the peaches and cream, and actually compares it to the flavors that add a certain pizazz when they add other fruits to their drinks that are a part of their ketone shakes. One good way you can utilize the different flavors is to blend them with various keto ingredients that will bring out the flavors more and more. For example, since the high amounts of sugars that can be found in fruits like strawberries (which can still be consumed moderately) and other berries, as well as nuts that can help give you an extra protein boost and fatty acids to aid in your keto diet, while adding texture and flavor to your drinks.

What are Exogenous Ketones?

The word exogenous means created externally, and ketones in supplements are from beta-hydroxybutyrate. Therefore exogenous ketones are ketones that are used in supplements are raw ketones. Raw ketones are not bound to any compounds. These can be used as a faster way of raising blood ketones to help the body with staying in or reaching the state of ketosis.

Another exogenous ketone is ketone salt this is when the ketone body is bound to a salt such as sodium, calcium, magnesium or potassium. Ketone salts don’t usually raise levels as high as ketone esters ( raw ketones), but they do allow for better taste in supplements as well as lessen some side effects such as diarrhea.

What is a Supplement?

People use supplements all the time and have for many years now, even before using a ketogenic diet. People have used vitamins and minerals such as Creatine and Taurine as well as other products to increase muscle building, performance enhancing and endurance during workouts.

Supplementing allows dieters to get key vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients more efficiently in a drink or a bar. Most commonly supplements are taken in a pre workout drink. These workout drinks help to minimize muscle fatigue, help with muscle tissue repair, increase muscle strength, endurance, performance as well as help stay hydrated, focus, mental readiness, promote absorption, promote ketosis, and weight loss.

Different ingredients on the nutritional information can offer a variety of benefits. It is very important to get to know your caloric needs as well as how to read a label and its contents. The ingredients in the supplements you choose can be very beneficial for you or could hinder your progress and create different results. Getting to know what an ingredient is and how it works with your body helps you to find out which ones to stay away from and which ones you should go for. Knowing the ingredients in the supplement you choose allows for better results.

Ingredients in Supplements

Ingredients you want in supplements for the keto diet should include BHB and MCT if not both then at least one or the other. You want ingredients that will promote the state of ketosis and maintain it. You want ingredients that will be low calorie and little to zero carbohydrates.  Look for supplements that contain proteins, and other micronutrients that help with muscles for pre workout supplementing. You want to ensure you get your right amount of micro and macro nutrients.

Another good way to find ingredients your own body needs is to get a blood test that checks levels of different vitamins and minerals. This will help guide you when looking for supplements, and if a supplement you find is missing one or two things it is possible to take over the counter vitamins and minerals to help ensure you get those.

When you’re looking for supplements, you want to make sure that they don’t have harmful ingredients as well. Be aware of what ingredients that you may not need, or what can be potentially harmful over time, such as things that are high in iron depending on your needs. When you’re on a keto diet especially, you’ll be intaking more protein from grass fed red meats and more, so your iron levels are probably fine, and you don’t want to take something that can give you too much iron, as extremely high iron levels can cause all sorts of problems, and even cause a person to have what is called iron-oxide poisoning.

Benefits of Using Perfect Keto Supplements

When using supplements by the perfect keto company you can assure that you are staying within dietary standards of the ketogenic diet to help support and promote the state of ketosis. The products are made to provide a great taste while still being low calorie and all natural with as little to no carbohydrates as possible.

The benefits also include raising ketone levels in the blood instantly. Making the supplement better for allowing the body to enter and maintain the state of ketosis. With supplementing with perfect keto the body is able to get on track with losing weight faster, increasing endurance, as well as having better brain function and clarity.

Perfect keto MCT oil powders and BHB salts offer a more effective source of natural energy that last longer kicks in faster and doesn’t cause users to crash when energy does wear down. If compared to something such as an energy drink, bar, or shot the energy is more clean and sufficient as well as much healthy and not loaded full of sugars and other chemicals.

BHB salts and MCT oil powders are proven to help boost ketones levels which help support and kick weight loss into effect faster. As the two products help maintain the state of ketosis the body will consistently tone and become leaner.

Perfect keto supplements help by allowing more ketones which also help the brain consume less energy allowing it to do its job more effectively at the pace it should. This effect also helps with the feeling of mental clarity and focus throughout the day.

Perfect keto promises only clean all natural ingredients. With its low-calorie low carb products, it is easier to consume and not have to worry about going over caloric numbers.

What is BHB?

BHB stands for Beta-hydroxybutyrate, and in the keto community, it’s a big topic. BHB is considered to be one of the primary ketones that our bodies produce and burns for energy, primarily because it helps to metabolize things such as fat and can even act as an antioxidant for our bodies when it is used as a fuel source. BHB is one of the primary notable ingredients in all Perfect Keto products, and that is because they want to ensure that you get the predominant ketone that would exist in your blood stream naturally, and this is sometimes hard to achieve when a person is first starting their keto diet, or when they end up getting a case of the “keto flu”. Generally, our bodies make it up while fasting and we start the ketogenesis process. Sometimes we don’t have a way to do this because it takes time for our bodies to perform ketogenesis and some people can take longer to achieve this result. Because of this, it’s important that BHB comes from an external source, which is why it’s included as a key ingredient, because it helps speed up the process of ketosis. If we have the BHB in our bodies more prevalently, then our body will be able to use it right off the bat rather than having to wait for the body to create it on its own.

When to use Perfect Keto?

Perfect keto supplements can be taken up to three times a day if using a full serving scoop; otherwise you can use half a scoop and drink around 6 cups a day. The best times to take perfect keto supplements are around four times. The first being pre-work making a drink before your exercise routine to increase ketone levels while working out. The second is on an empty stomach. Drinking on an empty stomach can help with hunger satisfaction as well as improve mental clarity. The third time that makes a good time to use perfect keto is after a higher carb meal. This is a good time to drink a supplement to help ketone levels stay on the positive side so that the body won’t kick the state of ketosis. I am not talking about after you have a Big Mac meal. if that is the case you are just asking for that kick. The fourth time that is great for drinking perfect keto supplements is between meals, this helps the body improve metabolism and keep burning ketones.

Does Perfect Keto work?

In order for anything to actually be studied to find out if it works everything else must align perfectly. The perfect keto supplements do work as long as everything else aligns perfectly also. As with any product that can be consumed for diet there is usually a plan in action already.

One cannot simply say they want to lose weight and then just jump to a product and expect weight to fall off. There is more to it than that; one would need to cut calories, change diet, as well as exercise. If you do not change anything on just jump into a product you can’t really expect it to work as it is intended to.

The perfect keto company claims that their products help boost ketone levels as well as enhance the state of ketosis. If you are already on the track to helping your body get into the state of ketosis this is absolutely true. There is so much that goes into getting into the state of ketosis that one could say this product did help improve faster ketosis.  Mental clarity is achieved whether it was the product itself or the state of ketosis I am not sure.

All of these symptoms of the perfect keto supplements and what they promise are also symptoms of the state of ketosis, so it is hard to claim whether they are received from the product or the state of ketosis. At the end of the day I don’t dwell on which gave me the symptoms, I am just proud that I am where I am. Perfect keto supplements didn’t keep me from getting results I was hoping to get, I still achieved those goals.

How does Perfect Keto Taste?

Reading over other reviews I have seen people complain about products tasting like grass or having a very acidic taste, I haven’t had that experience with the perfect keto supplements I have tried. They do have a salt base taste, but even that can be masked by the sweeteners they use as well as masked by how it is mixed. Such as mixing the coffee flavored BHB powder with coffee and then adding in something such as almond milk helps cover the taste of the actual powder. My favorite flavor of both the BHB powder and MCT oil powder is the vanilla though. With the vanilla powder I can mix in berries as well as greens and have a decent pre workout drink that covers the taste of the greens I choose to use such as kale and avocado which I am not a fan of either. I am all about masking both and berries and vanilla give me a drink that is smooth and flavorful.

Side effects of Perfect Keto Supplements

I haven’t had any issues with side effects from the perfect keto powders, some people have had effects of stomach upset and diarrhea from reviews I read. I think this could also be a part of getting into the state of ketosis which does happen sometimes. Knowing what side effects the keto diet can cause can help determine if you are experiencing side effects from supplements or from ketosis, but it could be hard to say which one it really is.

I had some gas for the first couple weeks, but this I concluded as my body getting used to ketosis and the changes in diet.

Which supplement is preferred and why?

I like the vanilla BHB powder as well as the vanilla MCT oil powder as they go pretty well together. I use a half scoop of each one with almond milk and sometime coffees as my usual morning pick me up. Pre-work out I use the same ones with berries, almond milk, and kale with or without avocado.  Avocado helps have a thicker consistency, the vanilla and berries help over power the taste of the kale and the avocado so that I don’t taste it so much.

How to Take Perfect Keto Supplements

There are many ways to take perfect keto supplements and they have quite a few options as well. With the powders you can make drinks up with a half scoop to a whole scoop with water, coffee, almond milk, or other keto friendly liquids. You can also make other treats with keto powders, such as power bars. Using powder and mixing it with keto friendly foods you can make quite a few different treats.

My favorite perfect keto treat would have to be iced coffee, I enjoy the vanilla powders so I mix it up with coffee an almond milk. Blend it with a bunch of ice to get a good texture and it is the closest keto friendly drink I have found that fills my craving for Starbucks.  It also saves me money and last longer.

Perfect Keto Review Conclusion & Coupons

Perfect keto is a great supplement in helping to get ketone levels raised as well as promoting the state of ketosis. Having perfect keto supplements allows your body to have more ways to boost your levels of ketones while you focus more on daily tasks or routines. There are several products and flavors to choose from and you can find a lot of different recipes to help use the supplements more. The amount you get is worth the price and last a while.

When you are first starting out, I recommend trying smaller packages so that you don’t get a bigger package of a flavor you don’t care for. I started with chocolate and although I like chocolate I didn’t care for drinking chocolate flavor that much throughout the day. I felt vanilla was best because the flavor can be manipulated a little by other products I use to mix it with.

Unless you have been using supplements I would start out with smaller scoops than they recommend, add around ¼ of a scoop and work up to a half or whole scoop by taste. The flavors are great at masking the powders, but can be a bit of an overload also.

Make sure you are testing for ketones also, when I first started supplementing I was using too much and that is when I did have side effects. Knowing where your ketone level should be for your activity can help the supplements work better for you as well as keep side effects lowered.

For myself I found that keeping my ketone levels around 2.4 mmol/ L were much better for my activity and diet. Keeping a journal of everything you consume as well as your activity levels and ketone levels are probably the biggest things I have found that keep supplements working well with the state of ketosis.  Making sure you are keeping the correct caloric needs as well as macros is very important to ketosis. Supplementing is great but without keeping everything in check and at the right level supplementing doesn’t do much.

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