Perfect Keto Nootropic – Brain Function Review

Perfect Keto is the go to resource for many people who are looking for keto friendly supplements that are not only reliable but also filled with whole, natural ingredients that won’t throw you out of ketosis. It has a large line of products that help people who are on the keto diet achieve their maximum potential, so every time a new product is released, it’s pretty exciting. Recently, the company announced their Nootropic. What’s a nootropic? It’s a type of supplement that, instead of improving your body, aims to improve your brain by providing a boost to your motivation, focus, and memory, as well as other cognitive functions.

There are a lot of products on the market that promise to provide a boost to your brain, from MCT oil, mushroom coffee, ginkgo biloba, and other herbal extracts. However, these all vary in their results and accuracy. If you’re on the ketogenic diet, you need to be especially careful in what type of supplement you take, because anything that has sugars can throw you out of ketosis, so the supplement has to help with ketone levels and be developed to improve your mental focus, motivation, and mood as you’re on the keto diet specifically. The benefits to Perfect Keto’s Nootropic in particular are that not only does it support your diet, it also provides you with higher energy, more intense mental clarity, and provides you with the micronutrients you need as you’re restricting your intake of carbs.

What Ingredients are in Perfect Keto Nootropic?

Among collagen, MCTs, herbs, and ketones which provide energy to your mind and boost your mental performance, you’ll find these ingredients in the nootropic that Perfect Keto offers:

    • MCT Oil Powder
    • Grass-Fed Collagen
    • Acacia Fiber
    • Exogenous Ketones
    • Green Tea Extract
    • B Vitamins
    • Cocoa Powder as well as other natural flavors
    • Stevia Leaf Powder as a natural sweetener

The nootropic product also contains ingredients that make the supplement a nootropic in the first place. These ingredients are what give a boost to your mental functioning, and they include:

  • Bacopa Herb Extract, which contains many antioxidant properties and has been shown in research studies to improve mental performance.
  • Alpha GPC, which is a major component for your nerve health as it supports the healthy functioning of your neurological system.
  • DHA, an omega 3 fatty acid and structural component of your brain. It supports the healthy function of your cells, as well as your overall cognition.
  • Cat’s Claw, which is a vine that’s found within the jungles of the Amazon. It’s been revered for hundreds of years; the Incas called it the “life-giving plant.” Perfect Keto chose it given its ability to support the healthy function of cells.
  • L-theanine, an amino acid found in green tea. Studies have shown that L-theanine supports attention and memory, while it helps you to feel very relaxed.
  • Ginkgo Biloba. The leaves from the ginkgo plant has been used for centuries in Chinese medicinal practices, as it’s believed they support the function of nerves and the brain. These leaves could also potentially support your recall of memories.
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA), a lipid that occurs naturally and supports normal cellular function as well as your immune system.
  • Phosphatidyl Serine, a crucial material for the natural formation of nerves. It also promotes healthy functioning of neurological and brain functioning, on top of helping you age gracefully and healthfully.

Perfect Keto is committed to providing you with ingredients that fuel your mind, and its products do not contain any fillers, starches, or sugars whatsoever. The company can’t make the claim that their nootropic supplement will necessarily help you be smarter, but every ingredient that’s included was selected carefully for its abilities to boost cognitive performance.

If you’re wondering how the supplement tastes, the palette and consistency has been compared by reviewers to chocolate milk. It’s a great addition to milk, nut milk alternative, hot or iced water, and smoothies. You can even add it to your coffee.

The blend of this nootropic includes exogenous ketones which fuel your activities, and the grass-fed collagen peptides mixed with MCTs provide lasting sources for your body to use as fuel. If you don’t want to interrupt your work day or other long periods of time between meals to get a keto snack or make a quick meal, this product is perfect for you. With carefully selected herbs, specific amino acids, and certain lipids that all suport concentration, clarity, and alertness, you can function at your full mental capacity.

Does Perfect Keto’s Nootropic Work?

Perfect Keto has worked hard to develop a nootropic that contains fuel which your brain prefers, combined with nutrients that naturally support a healthy and functioning neurological system so that you can stay alert and sharp throughout the entire day. Most users of the product report that they experienced enhanced focus, clarity, concentration, and attentiveness. Perfect Keto’s nootropic has great reviews, and for people who are on the keto diet, it’s a great solution if you’re looking for supplements that won’t accidentally throw you out of ketosis. However, the statements that the company has put behind its product have not been reviewed by the FDA, and it’s important to keep in mind that results will vary be each individual.

It’s also easy to become confused by the ingredient list for the nootropic, given the long words and phrases such as “cat’s claw.” Before you add the supplement to your wellness routine, you should take a look at these ingredients and understand what they can do for you. Many of the ingredients in Perfect Keto’s nootropic are backed by scientific evidence that shows these things do in fact:

  • Maintain brain cells
  • Improve cognition
  • Support focus and memory and give these aspects a boost
  • Protect against cognitive decline
  • Support general brain health
  • Support metabolism and contain antioxidant properties
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Promote the healthy functioning of cells
  • Reduce stress and promote relaxation
  • Promote concentration
  • Support the general health of your immune system
  • Help you achieve improved memory
  • Improve your reaction time
  • Give a boost to your attention

As you can see, there is indeed evidence that backs up Perfect Keto’s promise that these ingredients help with mental clarity and performance. In addition, a lot of ingredients within the nootropic actually have a better effect when they’re taken together, rather than taken on their own. The inclusion of healthy fats such as B vitamins and MCTs also improve your body’s ability to absorb these ingredients, meaning that you achieve mental clarity faster and for longer.

How Do I Take Perfect Keto Nootropic?

One of the best aspects to the company’s nootropic supplement is that it tastes great; it’s flavored with cocoa powder, which provides it with a chocolatey flavor. Due to many of the nootropic ingredients, you’ll find a mild herbal flavor as well. With the added stevia, there’s a touch of natural sweetness, and there is no bitter aftertaste. This is good news for keto dieters, as keto supplements are well known for tasting bad.

Since it tastes great, you can take Perfect Keto nootropic at any time of the day in many different ways, even when you’re simply craving a little taste of chocolate. Feel free to add it to your smoothies, mix it with nut milk, add it to your morning coffee, or even simply add some cold water for a quick shake. Many people consume Perfect Keto nootropic whenever they need a boost to their mental stamina, so you can take it in the morning with your coffee to get ready for the day, or use it as a little pickup in the afternoon.

Many people enjoy taking the nootropic supplement:

  • At the beginning of the day, when they know they’ll need to be attentive, focused, and energized throughout the day
  • In the morning as part of a keto friendly breakfast
  • Before a study or work session
  • On days that are work heavy, so you can power your mind
  • When attending class or studying so you can boost your mental performance
  • In the afternoon as you begin to feel mentally drained
  • Before you work out, to increase your performance and energy
  • Whenever you’d like a boost to your mental health

Conclusion – Perfect Keto Nootropic Review

If you’re on the keto diet and are looking for supplements that provide a boost not just to your physical health but your mental health as well without throwing you out of ketosis, look no further than Perfect Keto’s Nootropic. This is a great supplement to add to your wellness routine as it provides a boost to your memory, focus, and overall mental clarity with a wide range of ingredients that are scientifically proven to be beneficial for your brain.

With this supplement, you don’t have to worry about getting bored or distracted throughout your day, and you’ll definitely stay within ketosis. Many keto supplements have similar effects since they aim to support your brain as well as your body, however, Perfect Keto makes achieving whole-body support easier than ever. Simply add their nootropic to your morning coffee or some milk before you head out the door to face the day.

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