Perfect Keto Krill Oil Pills Review 2019

A lot of people who are on the ketogenic diet ask: is it possible to get the nutrients they need from food that adheres to the diet, or is it necessary to get supplements? Long story short, supplements aren’t absolutely necessary, but they can give a boost to your keto diet and make your life a lot easier as you make the transition into ketosis.

On any diet, it’s challenging to adhere to the macronutrient amount you need while also making sure you’re getting all your nutrients. This is where supplements can help; they provide the vitamins and minerals you may be missing and help round out your diet so you’re completely healthy. On the keto diet specifically, one of the most beneficial supplements you can take are krill oil capsules.  

Why Are Supplements So Essential for Keto Dieters?

On the keto diet, you’re likely to need supplements because the purpose of the diet is to transform the way your body burns fuel and how your metabolism functions. By default, your biggest natural source of energy is carbs, but the diet involves cutting down your intake of carbs so you can shift over to burning fat instead.

This is a big transition, and it’s difficult for a lot of people to go through. Once it’s over, you need to make sure you’re dieting correctly so you continue to burn fat for fuel–and this can make many dieters forget to keep track of their micronutrients. However, micros are just as important as macros, and supplements can help you make sure you’re getting everything you need.

It’s not necessary to take supplements as you’re on the keto diet, but they can aid you in these three ways:

  • They can reduce the amount of time you experience the keto flu and the intensity of the keto flu’s symptoms. The keto flu occurs due to a lack of minerals and vitamins, and consuming supplements such as electrolytes can prevent these deficiencies.
  • They fill gaps you likely have in your diet. When you’ve gone keto, you can’t eat starchy vegetables or certain fruits, so your body is suddenly lacking the nutrients those foods provide. You can take supplements like a green supplement to ensure you’re getting these nutrients, without risking your diet.
  • They help your general health goals. By taking supplements, you can ensure you achieve everything you wish for as you’re on the ketogenic diet.

Why Is Krill Oil So Important?

Krill oil is a supplement that supports the health of your brain and your heart. It contains EPA and DHA, which are two omega 3 fatty acids that are necessary for your body, and you can’t produce these naturally–you must get them from supplements or your diet. If you’re on the keto diet, you’re still consuming omega 3s, but it’s a good idea to get a supplement so your body receives the nutrition it needs.

Omega 3s such as the ones you find in krill oil are essential for your heart and brain as they:

  • Fight depression
  • Alleviate inflammation
  • Lower cholesterol, BMI, and body fat more efficiently than the ketogenic diet by itself

Why should you be interested in krill oil specifically? Supplements of krill oil contain the omega 3s that fish oil provides, but has a few extra benefits, such as powerful antioxidants and phospholipids. Unless you’re eating lots of organic and fatty fish while you’re on the ketogenic diet and a lot of leafy vegetables, it’s likely that you could use some extra omega 3s.

What Is Perfect Keto’s Krill Oil?

Perfect Keto, a company that’s well established in developing supplements and other products to help people achieve their aims as they’re on the keto diet, has created a Keto Krill Oil supplement, which comprises of 90 softgel capsules that contain MCTs and all the omega 3 fats your body needs. These capsules support your heart health, the healthy functioning of your joints, and is very convenient to take as you supplement your diet with the micronutrients you  need.

This product is an important addition to your keto lifestyle and is a way to give a boost to your overall health. Keto Krill is the only supplement on the market that not only has omega 3s, but also MCTs, which are healthy fats that absorb efficiently. This means it’s the only krill oil supplement that’s completely keto friendly. It contains 350 mg of krill oil and 650 mg MCT Oil. Perfect Keto also prides itself on creating products that are completely free of corn, soy, dairy, gluten, fillers, or added sugars.

What Are the Ingredients in Perfect Keto’s Krill Oil Capsules?

Perfect Keto strives to develop supplements that have easy to read ingredient labels that they can be proud of. Its krill oil supplement is sustainably sourced and contains high-quality krill from the Antarctic, and it has been tested for contaminants such as heavy metals so you’re assured that you’re getting a quality product that will help your health, not harm it. Ingredients include:

  • Krill Oil. In each capsule, you’ll get 350mg of this ingredient extracted from high quality Antarctic Krill. You’ll also find 24mg of DHA and 52mg of EPA, two omega 3 fatty acids, as well as triglycerides and phospholipids. The oil is completely free of GMOs. It’s been rigorously tested to ensure it’s a clean product and doesn’t contain any contaminants whatsoever, especially mercury, so you can rest easy as you take the supplements.
  • MCT Oil from coconuts.
  • Gelatin
  • Vegetable Glycerol
  • Purified Water

Conclusion – Perfect Keto Krill Oil Capsules Review

Many Americans don’t get the nutrients they need, but this is especially true if they are dieting. If you’re on the ketogenic diet, you need to ensure you’re getting essential micronutrients, and omega 3s are especially important since your body doesn’t naturally produce these and they are beneficial for your brain and heart. Perfect Keto’s Keto Krill Oil Capsules are keto friendly and deliver the omega 3s your body needs. Simply take a few capsules in the morning to start your day, along with a keto meal, or after you’re done working out.

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