Coffee is perhaps the single most debated beverage by the advocates of healthy eating. The many health benefits of drinking coffee on a regular basis are almost indisputable. In some people, however, caffeine consumption may lead to certain adverse health effects, which keto dieters must be aware of.

How does drinking coffee fit in with the ketogenic diet? With the help of this review, you can learn more about the interaction between caffeine consumption and ketosis. And discover whether Instant Keto Coffee by Perfect Keto can allow you to enjoy drinking coffee without risking your results.

Coffee on the Keto Diet: Does It Promote or Impede Ketosis?

Perhaps the most well-known health benefit of coffee is its ability to naturally stimulate thermogenesis in the body. With the help of caffeine, coffee can increase the rate at which the body burns calories for energy. In its turn, the caffeine-induced increase in metabolic rate accelerates the metabolism of fats, promoting the production of more ketones. As a result, the consumption of coffee can indirectly support ketosis by making the body use more fats for energy.

If it wasn’t for its complex relationship with blood sugar and insulin, coffee would make for an ideal ketogenic beverage. But as several studies suggest, certain people may have a genetic predisposition to metabolize caffeine slowly. This forces such people to experience an elevation in blood sugar levels every time they ingest caffeine with strong coffee. In its turn, higher blood sugar triggers the production of more insulin, which may restrict fat metabolism and compromise ketosis.

Luckily, the above potential adverse health effect of coffee consumption is relative at worst. It seems possible to prevent it by choosing to consume coffee in moderation, avoiding its stronger variations or its overconsumption. Abstaining from coffee during meals and for at least one hour after food intake can further help prevent this effect. All of this becomes a minor concern, though, once the many other health benefits of coffee consumption enter the picture.

Coffee: The Benefits Still Outweigh the Concerns

On top of its clearly ketogenic effect on metabolism, coffee has more health benefits to showcase. In particular, certain studies suggest that regular consumption of coffee can also:

  • Enhance mental performance Many studies suggest that consuming coffee can boost various aspects of mental performance, from reaction time to memory and focus. This exact feature is what makes coffee a go-to productivity enhancement beverage of choice for many.
  • Boost physical performance By initiating the release of adrenaline – the well-known “fight-or-flight” hormone – caffeine can naturally prepare the body for strenuous physical activities. The “warm-up” adrenaline provides to the muscles and connective tissues can help prevent injuries and improve physical performance.
  • Reduces stress from oxidation Coffee is the single richest source of antioxidants that the modern diet has preserved despite its generally unhealthy food choices. By providing the body with various antioxidants, coffee can help it resist the oxidative damage that free radicals contribute to.
  • Prevent chronic diseases Several studies confirm that coffee has the capacity to lower the risk for certain chronic diseases. In particular, coffee can contribute to the prevention of neurodegenerative diseases, type 2 diabetes, and some diseases of the liver.

The above facts clearly show that moderate consumption of coffee can serve as a valuable addition to the ketogenic diet. How do you consume just the right amount of coffee to further your results but not enough to compromise ketosis? Instant Keto Coffee by Perfect Keto has an interesting solution to offer.

Instant Keto Coffee: When Coffee and Ketosis Team Up

Caffeine and MCT oil powder are the two key active ingredients in Instant Keto Coffee by Perfect Keto. As a result, one packet of Instant Keto Coffee supplies:

  • 60 mg of caffeine Perfect Keto derives all of this caffeine from organic spray dried coffee. This dose of caffeine corresponds roughly to an average 6 ounce cup of drip brewed Arabica.
  • 10 grams of MCT oil powder This amount of MCT oil powder contains 7 grams of healthy saturated fat, providing 34% of its daily value (DV). Perfect Keto uses MCT oil and acacia fiber to make its MCT oil powder. The MCT oil, which works as the active ingredient in this powder, comes from organic coconuts. And the acacia fiber, which acts as a filler in this powder, comes from the sap of the Acacia tree.

Caffeine is an expected ingredient in this blend. But what is the benefit of combining it with MCT oil powder?

MCT oil powder is a rich source of medium chain triglycerides (MCTs). Being easier for the body to digest, MCTs can reach the liver faster than other types of fat. For this reason, MCTs lend themselves to easier use as fuel for the production of ketones. This unique feature allows MCTs to provide the body with a quick boost of energy, meeting its critical energy demands.

As it seems evident, the blend of caffeine and MCT oil powder in Instant Keto Coffee produces an effective synergy. Giving the jolt of caffeine you need, it also leaves your body with enough energy to run on after it. Its blend, however, is not the only feature keto dieters can appreciate about Instant Keto Coffee.

Instant Keto Coffee: Keto-Friendly and Delicious

Besides its all-natural potent blend, Instant Keto Coffee offers three delicious flavors to choose from: Unflavored, Mocha, and French Vanilla. For all of them, Perfect Keto uses only natural ingredients: cocoa powder, natural vanilla flavor, and stevia leaf extract. This means that the cup of joe Instant Keto Coffee offers can be extra delicious for almost every keto dieter.

What do we make of all the facts we have found out by now? In a nutshell, Instant Keto Coffee by Perfect Keto seems to be a safe, quality, and tasty source of coffee. And in this capacity, it may be the exact source of coffee that your ketogenic diet has been longing for.

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