Perfect Keto Electrolytes Pills Review

It’s well known that if you’re on the ketogenic diet, you need to be careful about your balance of electrolytes and this is a critical consideration for your success. This type of diet easily deprives your body of important vitamins and minerals, and on top of that it’s easy to become dehydrated, so replenishing yourself with an electrolyte supplement is one of the most convenient ways you can ensure you’re staying healthy and safe.

That’s why Perfect Keto, a company that has become well established in the keto market with their line of keto friendly supplements and other health products, has developed its Electrolytes Capsules. Many people who go keto lose a lot of minerals and electrolytes, and unfortunately these nutrients are necessary when it comes to supporting many of the natural processes of your body, including healthy functioning of the nerves, muscles, heart, and brain.

How Would Someone Use an Electrolyte Supplement?

It’s suggested that you take Perfect Keto’s Electrolytes Capsules daily. Your dosage will vary from one to ten capsules so you can meet your normal intake level of electrolytes. If you’re curious as to when to take these capsules, you can do so throughout the day, such as:

  • Alongside meals to supplement your intake of minerals
  • In between your meals so you can support your levels of electrolytes
  • In the morning to give a boost to your overall wellness and performance
  • Before you work out so you avoid becoming dehydrated and can stay healthy as you exercise
  • In the first several days of your keto diet to support you transition into ketosis

What Ingredients are in Perfect Keto’s Electrolytes Capsules?

Perfect Keto’s mission is to help you achieve success in your ketogenic lifestyle. Its products don’t contain any added flavorings or artificial sweeteners, so none of its supplements will ever kick you out of ketosis–making them some of the few keto friendly supplements on the market. In the electrolyte capsules, you’ll find:

  • 140mg of Sodium Chloride
  • 70mg of Potassium Chloride
  • 35mg of Calcium Chloride
  • 35mg of Magnesium Chloride

Take note of the ratio of ingredients: 4:2:1:1. This is four parts of sodium to two parts of potassium, to one part of magnesium and calcium each. Perfect Keto has included formulas that were developed by doctors so you get an exact balance of the nutrients you need in order to ensure your body is functioning healthily and normally as you’re on the ketogenic diet.

What Exactly Are Electrolytes?

Electrolytes are certain nutrients that exist within your body, and they are essential for functions that are very important, such as:

  • Regulation of your heartbeat
  • Functioning of your neurological system
  • Regulating muscle contractions
  • Production of energy
  • Control of your bladder
  • Regulation of the temperature of your body

Basically, if you didn’t have electrolytes, your body would struggle to function at all. If you have a deficiency of any electrolytes, which include potassium, calcium, and magnesium, you will have issues with your body and you’ll experience symptoms such as:

  • A racing heart or heart palpitations
  • Feelings of weakness, shakiness, and dizziness
  • Migraines or headaches
  • Muscle cramps
  • Bloating and constipation

These symptoms are also things you will experience when you’re suffering from the keto flu. This illness happens as you begin the keto diet and are making the transition into burning fats for fuel instead of carbs. It takes time for your body to make the adjustment, and essentially the keto flu occurs because you’re suffering from a sudden imbalance in nutrients, including electrolytes. This is why it’s so important to take electrolyte supplements as you begin your keto journey.

How Do I Take Care of My Nutrient Imbalance?  

Anyone who starts the ketogenic diet needs to be concerned about their electrolytes–but if you tend to exercise a lot or be stressed, you probably need minerals more than the average person anyways. Both exercise and stress can lead to hormonal and nutritional imbalance, which in turn can lead to dehydration and depletion of essential nutrients.

Dehydration is especially concerning, since your body is comprised of mainly water. Although everyone needs to be aware of their water intake and doctors are always recommending to drink more water, people who are on the ketogenic diet need to be especially careful. The nature of the diet leads to the loss of water and essential nutrients. So, what can be done about this and how can you stay hydrated?

One of the most obvious answers is to drink a lot of water, however while this will help you stay hydrated it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re getting nutrients. This is where electrolyte supplements come in, and why it’s so important to have a supplement such as Perfect Keto’s Electrolyte Capsules on hand as you begin your ketogenic diet. Drinking plenty of water and taking electrolyte supplements is the most sure way to bring a balance back to your body.

Drink to quench your thirst. The amount you need per day will depend on the climate you live in, how much activity you get, and what kind of food you eat. Don’t worry–you’ll figure out your ideal intake of water and exactly how much you need to stay satisfied and healthy throughout the day. Listen to your body, try to consume keto friendly foods that have a high water content (such as vegetables), and pay attention to your thirst so you’re hydrated properly as you begin the ketogenic diet.

Conclusion – Perfect Keto Electrolytes Capsules Review

When you’re on the keto diet, it’s essential that you avoid having an imbalance of electrolytes and suffering from dehydration. It’s natural to have an imbalance and be thirsty when you begin this diet, so it’s nothing to be worried about, however it is important that you drink water and take electrolyte supplements to ensure you’re staying hydrated and healthy. Replenishing both the nutrients you need and the water you need is essential for your health overall and for getting through the symptoms you may feel as your body makes an adjustment into a new diet.

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