Perfect Keto Collagen Protein Powder Review & Coupon Code

The ketogenic diet is among the few diets that allow you to both lose fat and improve health. As any other diet, however, the ketogenic diet comes with inherent limitations. And one of them is its predisposition to promote less than optimal levels of protein intake.

Can keto dieters bypass this limitation? In the review below, you can discover how collagen can be a good source of protein within the ketogenic diet. And whether Perfect Keto Collagen Protein can be an effective way to supplement your diet with this protein source.

Collagen: The Building Block of Your Entire Body

If there is one type of protein that is absolutely essential to overall health, it is certainly collagen. It is the building block of bones, cartilages, ligaments, tendons, and many other vital tissues in the body. As such, it supports the structure of the entire body, helping it to withstand all kinds of stress.

Below are just a few key benefits of the sufficient production of collagen in the body:

  • Strong bones and teeth One of the key functions of collagen in the body is ensuring that bones and teeth have proper mineral density. With the help of collagen matrix, bones and teeth deposit the minerals that the body metabolizes from food. When collagen production is insufficient, bones and teeth can not deposit adequate amounts of minerals to maintain healthy mineral density. As a result, without collagen, bones and teeth lose mineral density and become prone to fractures and injuries.
  • Resilient joints Another function that collagen performs for the musculoskeletal system is serving as the building block of cartilaginous tissue. As such, it provides the necessary support for the joints to withstand the mechanical damage from various activities. Lack of collagen restricts the synthesis of cartilaginous tissue, making it prone to a variety of degenerative processes.
  • Integral intestinal lining With the help of collagen, the body repairs and maintains the strength of the intestinal lining. Lack of collagen compromises the intestinal lining, contributing to the leaky gut syndrome and body-wide inflammation that comes with it. On the contrary, the abundance of collagen in the body can alleviate many symptoms of leaky gut syndrome. As such it has the capacity to improve digestion and reduce systemic inflammation in the body.
  • Healthy and good-looking skin It is impossible for the skin to stay healthy and look well without collagen. Being an essential part of the skin structure, collagen plays an instrumental role in its regeneration. As such, this vital protein can minimize the harmful influence that aging and environment may have on the skin. When the body has enough collagen, the skin looks firm and smooth.

Clearly, it seems impossible to overestimate how important the role that collagen plays in the body is. How can you ensure your body produces enough of this key protein when you follow the ketogenic diet?

Collagen Can Be the Best Protein to Consume On the Keto Diet

Collagen is a rather complex type of protein. To produce it without defects, the body requires steady supply of many amino acids from nutrition. Due to this factor, diets with less than optimal protein consumption impair the body’s ability to produce collagen.

Sadly, the ketogenic diet is often inherently low in protein. This is usually the case because high protein intake during ketosis can trigger the process known as gluconeogenesis. During this process, the body starts to convert protein into energy, kicking you out of ketosis.

But prioritizing ketosis as the main energy mechanism in the body should not come at the cost of collagen production. For this reason, consuming collagen with your protein intake can be a smart thing to do on the ketogenic diet. Can Keto Collagen by Perfect Keto meet this nutritional demand?

Keto Collagen by Perfect Keto: Can It Fill the Protein Gap?

Let’s see if Keto Collagen by Perfect Keto can nurture the body with quality protein without undermining ketosis. Analyzing the contents of Keto Collagen by Perfect Keto, we can notice the two ingredients that are key:

  • Hydrolyzed collagen powder Consuming some of your daily protein as collagen is obviously beneficial when on the keto diet. Doing so, however, can often be easier said than done. One serving of Keto Collagen by Perfect Keto supplies 10 grams of protein from collagen peptides. It does so in the form of hydrolyzed powder that consists of 100% grass-fed collagen bovine. As a result, it delivers readily available and high-quality collagen that is easy for the body to digest and use. This amount of collagen corresponds to 20% of daily value (DV) of protein on a 2,000 calorie diet.
  • MCT oil powder Besides the many health benefits they have to offer, medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) are extremely ketogenic. Capable of quickly reaching the liver, they immediately increase the metabolism of fats and the production of ketones. At the same time, as any other type of fats, MCTs can slow down the absorption of protein. This prevents the body from converting the protein into glucose. Keto Collagen by Perfect Keto supplies MCTs in the form of MCT oil powder. One serving of it delivers up to 4 grams or 18% DV of healthy saturated fat.

Besides the above ingredients, Keto Collagen by Perfect Keto contains acacia fiber, stevia leaf extract, and sea salt. As well as natural chocolate, caramel, and vanilla flavors, except for the unflavored Keto Collagen version.

Based on what we now know about Keto Collagen by Perfect Keto, what can we make of it?

The Protein Supplement Your Keto Diet Has Been Missing

Keto Collagen by Perfect Keto seems to use only quality natural ingredients. It also seems to have a 2:1 fat to protein ratio, which makes it a keto-friendly protein supplement. As a result, Keto Collagen by Perfect Keto can serve as a viable addition to any ketogenic diet. And can nurture the body with quality protein without affecting its ketosis.

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