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When losing fat in a healthy way is a priority, the ketogenic diet can be a powerful ally. Setting the body in the highly beneficial state of ketosis, it can help you quickly and naturally shed extra pounds.

Reaching and maintaining ketosis, however, is challenging for many ketogenic diet followers. As the modern diet provides an abundance of high-carbohydrate food choices, it often leaves the keto dieters with limited options.

Luckily, keto-friendly snacks can come to the rescue and make getting into and staying in ketosis much easier. In the review below, you can discover whether Perfect Keto Bars can support your ketogenic diet.

Keto Snacks: Can They Promote Ketosis?

Without doubt, the ketogenic diet is hard to stick with. Sometimes, despite your best efforts, you still feel hungry and have no access to a keto-friendly meal. When this happens, it can be hard to control the temptation to eat something with carbs, or even something sweet. But eat too much carbohydrate – and your ketosis is over.

Doesn’t it sound great to have something keto-friendly at hand for moments like this? Here’s when having a keto snack available can help you stay in ketosis despite the odds:

  • Before and after the workout On a typical high-carbohydrate diet, muscles use glycogen as a source of fuel. But once you start following the ketogenic diet, this energy production mechanism stops being an option. Before you reach ketosis, your body depletes all its glycogen stores. For this reason, peri-workout nutrition on the ketogenic diet requires special considerations. Can you fuel your workout and recover from it without relying on carbohydrates and disrupting ketosis? With the help of keto snacks, you can.
  • Between meals Ideally, you want to eat well-balanced keto-friendly meals frequently for the body to produce ketones steadily. The demands of your lifestyle, however, may not make this an option. What if your days are so hectic that you can’t even imagine eating on a schedule? Keto snacks can help sustain ketosis while nurturing your body between the mealtimes that are too far from each other.
  • When a complete meal is not an option Sometimes you may feel like there’s no way for you to have a complete meal on time. What if you’re caught up in work or stuck in the middle of a long trip? At such times, you want to eat something that satiates the hunger without kicking you out of ketosis. Eating a keto snack can save your body from the stress of starving while keeping your ketogenic diet on track.
  • Whenever you feel hungry The body’s demands for energy are constantly fluctuating. You may eat your meals on a schedule but still feel hungry. Just because you’re on the ketogenic diet doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy tasty snacks when you want them. Keto snacks can help you satisfy the craving without compromising your results.

As you can see, using keto snacks can make your ketogenic diet flexible and help you stick with it better. But what exactly makes for a keto snack?

How to Know if Your Snack is Keto-Friendly

For a snack to fall into the category of being keto-friendly, it must meet certain criteria. As such, a genuine keto snack:

  • Respects the ketogenic ratio of macronutrients First and foremost, a snack must contain little to no carbohydrates. Excessive carbohydrate intake initiates glucose production, kicking the body out of ketosis. Second of all, the amount of protein in a snack must be moderate. Consuming too much protein during the ketogenic diet triggers gluconeogenesis – a process of using protein for energy rather than fats. Finally, to be truly ketogenic, a snack must be relatively high in fats from healthy sources. With these conditions present, a snack can support rather than impede ketosis.
  • Contains no high-glycemic ingredients It is common for snack manufacturers to sweeten their products with ingredients like high-fructose corn syrup or maltodextrin. Such ingredients have a high glycemic index and are notorious for causing insulin spikes. Since insulin restricts the metabolism of fats, high-GI ingredients indirectly stall ketosis. Furthermore, such ingredients can also make blood sugar levels unstable. Leaving you with sugar cravings, they further undermine your ketosis.
  • Has a modest amount of caffeine Caffeine’s interaction with the ketogenic diet is an ambiguous one. On the one hand, caffeine helps to accelerate the metabolism of fats. On the other hand, though, caffeine causes blood sugar dives in some people, which has the capacity to compromise ketosis. It seems best to temper caffeine intake when on the keto diet, avoiding snacks that contain high amounts of it.
  • Is free from any harmful additives Artificial sweeteners, sugar alcohols, hydrogenated fats, gluten, pesticides, GMO ingredients – all of these toxic substances wreak havoc on your metabolism. Even though they may not necessarily affect ketosis directly, their consumption in any shape or form is undesirable. After all, when most people choose to follow the ketogenic diet, they do so to improve their health and wellness. Not to compromise them with insidious artificial and toxic compounds hiding in the seemingly healthy snacks.

The above criteria can be helpful in identifying whether a snack is likely to promote ketosis or impede it. With these criteria in mind, let’s find out whether Perfect Keto Bars can be a keto-friendly snack option.

Perfect Keto Bars: The Keto Snack You’ve Been Missing

Perfect Keto Bars contain the following key ingredients:

  • Organic almond butter Made of organic almonds, organic almond butter has an almost perfect ratio of macronutrients for the ketogenic diet. High in healthy fats, low in carbohydrates, and containing just enough protein, organic almond butter is certainly keto-friendly. Besides being ketogenic, almonds are rich in magnesium, which regulates blood sugar and insulin levels and supports cardiovascular health. As a result, organic almond butter makes for a decent keto snack ingredient and can promote ketosis on multiple levels.
  • Cacao butter Containing no hidden carbohydrates or sugars, cacao butter is a naturally rich source of healthy fats. As such, it delivers essential fatty acids without any carbs slipping in as a “package deal”. For this reason, cacao butter makes for a superb keto snack ingredient. In addition, cacao butter is rich in various antioxidants that improve cardiovascular health, fight inflammation, and prevent diabetes.
  • MCT oil Medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) make for a “perfect” type of fat to support the ketogenic diet. Making up the bulk of fatty acids in coconut oil, MCTs are ideal for fueling ketosis. Easy for the body to digest, MCTs get directly to the liver and immediately boost fat metabolism and ketone production. Depending on the flavor, Perfect Keto Bars deliver MCTs in the form of either MCT oil or organic coconut oil.
  • Collagen Despite the ketogenic diet restricting the amount of protein intake, your body still needs amino acids to maintain optimal function. In particular, the body requires regular supply of the amino acids that help it produce its own collagen. Serving as a building block of bones, cartilages, and connective tissues, collagen is essential to the health of musculoskeletal system. Perfect Keto Bars supply a decent amount of collagen in the form of grass-fed collagen protein powder.
  • Dietary fiber A common pitfall of many ketogenic diets is their inherent inability to supply sufficient amounts of dietary fiber. Over time, insufficient intake of dietary fiber can seriously undermine your health and limit the effectiveness of the ketogenic diet. From decreased protein absorption to compromised immune system, constant lack of dietary fiber quickly triggers a variety of health issues. Perfect Keto Bars supply dietary fiber in the form of soluble tapioca fiber coming from the Cassava Plant.
  • Natural flavors Perfect Keto Bars use natural ingredients for flavors. The Perfect Keto Almond Butter Brownie Keto Bar relies on organic cocoa, almonds, sea salt, and stevia for its flavor. The Perfect Keto Lemon Poppyseed Keto Bar uses poppy seeds, organic lemon oil, sea salt, and stevia as its flavoring. And the Perfect Keto Salted Caramel Keto Bar contains natural salted caramel flavor, sea salt, and stevia.

The ingredients Perfect Keto Bars use seem impressive. Where does this leave Perfect Keto Bars?

Perfect Keto Bars: Your Ketogenic Diet’s New Allies

So far, we’ve learned that Perfect Keto Bars:

  • Have ketogenic macronutrient profile One Perfect Keto Bar contains 18-19 grams of fat, 10-11 grams of protein, and 11-12 grams of carbohydrate. These correspond to 28-29% of daily value (DV) of fats, 19-22% DV of protein, and 4% DV of carbohydrate respectively. The above values range depending on the flavor.
  • Contain only natural ingredients Many ingredients in Perfect Keto Bars are organic and grass-fed, with no artificial compounds among them.
  • Offer a tasty variety Perfect Keto Bars allow you to choose between the Almond Butter Brownie, the Lemon Poppyseed, and the Salted Caramel flavors.

Perfect Keto Bars seem to be safe, potent, and tasty keto snacks to use. As such, they can enrich your otherwise strict ketogenic diet.

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