ONNIT Total Keto Daily Exogenous Ketones Review & Coupon Code

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When you’re on a ketogenic diet, it can be somewhat challenging that you get the amount of ketones and fat content you need. With the way our lives are normally, we don’t have the time to consume the right amounts of food, and sometimes even if we do, our activity levels can somewhat affect the process as well. Many people have been known to get the “keto flu” which can ultimately give us that “crashed” feeling of fatigue, as well as cause emotional problems and motivational issues. Our bodies aren’t always used to eating less carbs, so it is essential to realize that sometimes we have to supplement. That’s exactly what the ONNIT Total Keto Daily product was meant for.

Total Keto Daily comes in a nice watermelon flavor, with a hint of salt so you can enjoy a fruity tasting drink that gives you a good amount of exogenous ketones your body craves when starting your keto diet. You get 30 serving in a large 23oz container, and the product per serving delivers 3g of your fat content, 10g of ketones, 45 calories, but the catch is that there is only 1g of net carbs. So we’re going to review this and see just how well it does to aid you in fighting and preventing the keto flu.

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What is Ketosis?

Ketosis is the natural process our body has of our bodies using ketones instead of glucose for our primary energy source. Because of this transition, you eliminate carbs from your diet in order to achieve this process and make it happen more. Our bodies normally use gluconeogenesis to create the amino acids and byproducts our minds and bodies need, but ketosis is a backup plan. It has been linked to healthy mind and heart, weight loss, and even building healthy lean muscle. Because of this, ketosis is actually healthier than relying on bulking up with carbs, because the muscle tone is better and you don’t have to work as hard to help improve things like mental clarity, muscle building, and thought processes.

Almost anyone can perform a keto diet, and your body requires more electrolytes, water, and because of this, we also lose more water and electrolytes while transferring to ketosis. And with Total Keto Daily as a primary supplement of ketones, you can improve not only your ketone levels, but you can easily use it as an electrolyte drink as well.

The Keto Flu?

As mentioned above, the keto flu is when you start to experience the fatigue symptoms of the transition of ketosis. Since our body’s aren’t quite used to not having carbohydrates as fuel, this transition can leave you feeling lethargic. There are many causes of this, and ketosis, dehydration, and your reduction in carb intake can affect this. We need electrolytes to help sustain our bodies as well as water since most of our blood is carried by our hydration. In order to make this easier, the Total Keto Daily mix contains multiple ketone salts that can help us not only in our process of ketosis, but can also help by giving your body the ketones and healthy fats you need for sustainability in order to keep from crashing and replace the loss of carbs. With excess ketones, your body will use ketosis a little more and not be withdrawn completely because of the lack of carbs.

What’s in ONNIT Total Keto Daily Exogenous Ketones?

That is a common question that many people ask (and you should, especially if you’re on a keto diet). This section will answer that for you in as much detail as possible.

  • Beta-Hydroxybutyrate
    This is a special ketone that our bodies produce when we burn fat in the ketosis process. Our liver creates this special ketone for our minds and bodies, and it has been recreated and fully tested in scientific labs. goBHB has even been patented, which makes it more credible, and is used as an energy supplement by numerous people, from star athletes to health nuts all over the world. Not only that, but this supplement also contains four main ingredients: Sodium, Calcium, Magnesium, and Potassium (delivered by goBHB)
  • Avocado Oil Powder
    Avocados contain a natural oleoresin that is also known as oleic acid. The oil from avocados are a healthy unsaturated fat and are excellent for keto dieters (it’s one of the main vegetables you can get ketones from when it comes to preparing and eating from scratch).
  • Logifiber™
    Logifiber is a soluble fiber supplement that has been around for a while, and is a water-soluble source that’s naturally made from tapioca. It stands very low on the GI and helps to give the drink mix a little bit of thickness, and texture so it doesn’t taste like you’re just drinking sludge, or like you’re drinking straight juice.

These are just the active ingredients. You also get the inactive ingredients, but none of those are harmful to you or your ketosis process. The drink mix contains citric acid, Rebaudioside-A, beet root powder, beta-carotene, and silica, along with other natural flavors.

So you’re getting a total of 50% of your daily sodium, 5% of your daily potassium (which is a lot if you consider other things you’d eat), 12% of your daily calcium needs, as well as about 30% of your daily needs of magnesium. Of course these are based on a 2000 calorie diet. But you only drink one per day (with that high of a sodium content, you’ll need the electrolyte, but drinking it only once per day isn’t going to hurt you unless you are sensitive to sodium or have extreme heart conditions. In this instance, you probably shouldn’t be on a keto diet anyway, or a very closely monitored one).

For the vegans out there, you can also have the confidence in knowing that this product is stamped and certified to be free of any animal products, and is also gluten free for those who are sensitive to gluten (you shouldn’t be consuming gluten anyway if you’re on a keto diet though).

How Do I Take ONNIT Total Keto Daily Supplement?

Total Keto Daily can in-fact help you maintain or completely free you from your crash. You mix it with a glass of water and stir it until it’s pretty well dissolved. Some people choose to drink it, but I’m a slammer so I just slammed it. Since it’s so high in sodium though, some people may decide to follow it up with a quart of water, but since some people don’t have military training (not everyone can do this), another bottle of water immediately after, and continued hydration throughout your day can help this.

When are good times to use this product?

Well, Total Keto Daily can be taken literally anytime, but one of the main things they say is to take it in the morning due to the increased energy levels you may experience after drinking this. Other people have tried this product and done pretty well using it while they’re doing light workouts during their transformation to keto superhuman-ness.


  • Can help you get into ketosis quickly by giving you plenty of macronutrients you need.
  • Has a great watermelon flavor so it tastes like a watermelon “water” instead of being packed with sugar.
  • Has no sugar.
  • Contains no sugar substitutes
  • A great source of soluble fiber
  • Low in net carbs


  • What cons?

The pros list for this product could go on and on. Some people don’t want to spend very much when it comes to the keto diet, but for supplements, you’re usually going to spend a great deal.

Is this product for Everyone?

While this product may help in your ketosis transformation, you may not be one of the people who need to use this product if you can definitely make sure you’re getting the macros and electrolytes you need. Something like this in most cases is usually for those who aren’t getting enough of those electrolytes and are trying to get that boost because they need to recover from the keto flu. If you’re not experiencing the keto flu, or even if you are wanting the extra electrolytes, you may want this product. But make sure you are getting well hydrated when taking this product. Some sources say that anything that contains this much sodium is bad for you, but don’t let that fool you. One 12oz can of soda contains 13% of your daily value of soda!

The Conclusion for ONNIT Total Keto Daily

This product is actually worth it though, as they have testimonials to back up their great product. And what’s even better, ONNIT sells other supplements, foods, and more that you can use to help kickstart your keto diet. Total Keto Daily doesn’t interfere with anything, although they do include a warning on their product that states that if you are pregnant, you may not want to take this product. It also states that if you are taking medications then you should talk to your doctor, or do your research to ensure that this product won’t cause any problems or complications by mixing the two of them. This is a normal statement though that many companies just have to utilize in order to cover their rear ends.

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