ONNIT Keto Box Subscription Review & Coupon Code

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There are many subscription services out there, but most of them are simply snacks that aren’t worth it. Many of them have snacks that contain macronutrients and keto friendly items, so what’s one more, right? Well fortunately, there is one that outweighs the rest in more than one way. The ONNIT Keto box is a new subscription box that was created by ONNIT’s CEO and one of ONNIT’s favorite clients. Everyone’s just about heard of the comedian known as Brendan Schaub. He co-hosts shows like The Fighter, and another one “The Kid”. He used to also be a heavyweight UFC fighter, and he had numerous famous wins under his belt. As an athlete, he still maintains a high amount of physical activity and also is a keto sustainer, just like the founder of ONNIT, Aubrey Marcus.

Sometimes when you don’t stay on a keto diet sustainably, it’s hard to get back into the swing of things without having a little bit of keto prep. Now, ONNIT’s special keto box has supplements, snacks, and even recipes that you can use to get back into your superhuman mode.

What Don’t you get with the Keto Box?

By signing up for the keto box, you agree to sign your life away… just kidding. What you DON’T get is the random ho-hum products that most other subscription box companies give you and just toss the crap in the box. Most of the other competitors don’t actually give you a special recipe, they just pick 10 products out of their warehouse and send it to you. You also don’t get an entire month’s supply of anything with many other keto boxes (unless you want to cook the same keto snack or card on a daily basis. Not dangerous, but who wants to do that?)

What you DO Get with the ONNIT Keto Box

With the Keto Box, the founders of the subscription themselves give you a prime cut of high-quality snacks and supplements. Yes. Supplements. You actually get healthy cannisters of excellent supplements. These can range anywhere in value from 20-50 dollars a pop when you buy these individually. And there are even monthly supplies of things like enzymes, fatty acids to help you get through the month, vitamins, and of course snacks. But they don’t just grab and go, they go through and make sure each box has the best Onnit products for you, as well as go through their inventory and do extensive research to make sure you get the best keto items possible. Both Aubrey and Brian take it to a personal level by putting in their boxes what they would actually eat.

How and Where do I sign?

You can go onto Onnit’s website and buy the Keto Box. You simply order the monthly box package and then you start getting your order every month, and automatically get billed. You don’t pay every month at once, you actually end up paying for one month and can cancel anytime (that’s something a lot of websites don’t do. Many have “hidden” cart tricks that charge you for the entire year). After you get your box, simply wolf down the food that’s in it when you’re getting ready to start your keto diet (or just wolf them down anyway because you like the food and it taste’s good).

As you continue your keto subscriptions, you get to not only try the new products, but you can also find them in the store and share comments, reviews, any fitness and recipe tips and ideas you’ve discovered that you can use the product for, and even more.

So What is the Keto Diet?

When you’re working on keto, you’re in-taking more lean fats, decreasing carbohydrates, and using your liver’s automatic response to burn fat that’s stored in your body to create ketones. As you have more and more ketones in your body, your body automatically switches to burning these rather than burning carbohydrates for energy and fuel. Contrary to most diets, a keto diet is primarily fats, about 20-25% protein (depending on numerous factors), and only about 5% of your diet (or less) is actually from consuming carbs. Some people have a higher carbohydrate, but still a higher fat diet (about 40-60% fat, 20-40% protein, and about 20% carbs) because extremely active people like athletes, sports enthusiasts, and weight lifters need more of this.  Some weight lifters don’t actually utilize the keto diet that often, but they know when they need to get “cut” (like Dwayne Johnson), they actually cut more carbs from their diet so they can get leaner instead of bulkier. If you want proof, he’s posted videos on his social media outlets (like Twitter and Facebook) for his movie “Shaw and Hobbs”. While he generally mass loads himself with carbs on a normal basis, he actually enters a near state of ketosis for certain roles like this.

The reason? That’s because scientific research has proven that compared to a low-fat diet, a low carb diet gives you more opportunity for weight loss, and healthy muscle gain. By switching to ketosis, there is even medical evidence that suggest it increases your body and mind to increase things like focus, thought process, and helps you ease many ailments and diseases. Some types of diabetes can even be nearly “disintegrated” by using a Keto diet. There have also been sleep studies that have proven that you sleep better, live better, and it can even help students with epilepsy and narcolepsy get over their issues as well.

How Often Do You Get the Box?

They deliver this box monthly on the 10th. That means you should get it around the middle of the month.

Can you Cancel it?

Yes. They have a dashboard on your account so you can cancel at any time. As stated, you are billed monthly. If they’ve already shipped it, then you’re going to get that one (and pay for it. No freebies), and you can cancel it. They also have a support team that can handle your requests if need be. The keto boxes are non-refundable though, which may be somewhat of a down-side but if you’ve already paid for it, then simply eat it, share it, or pitch it.

Otherwise your subscription renews each month.

Have many people tried it?

When it comes to keto products there are good reviews and a good mix of other reviews. Yes, even a few bad ones. But that’s because many people don’t realize that the cost of keto-friendly foods (unless you go to the grocery store) and supplements generally cost a lot of money. Not only this, but most of the bad reviews are older (when the subscription service first started). Most of the reviews are extremely positive though, which is proof enough that this new service is worth it. Keep in mind that out of 25 reviews, that’s not necessarily how many of this product have been sold. Also, if you subscribe to the service rather than buying it out-right, you get a small sale price.

Where Can I Get the Keto Box Delivered to?

You can get the keto box delivered anywhere in the continental United States. They don’t deliver to places like the Virgin Islands, Military bases (this is due to military bases security reasons), Puerto Rico, etc. They mail their packages using FedEx’s SmartPost system and unfortunately, you’ll get your package towards the end of the month if you live in Hawaii and Alaska. But the awesome thing about their shipping? It’s absolutely FREE.

Should I be worried about what’s in the Onnit Keto Box?

Some of the products you can get unfortunately can contain allergens. You have to keep in mind that many keto products include things such as healthy nuts and legumes, so if you’re allergic to things such as peanuts, or seaweed (yes, it’s possible), then you may want to keep an eye on what you’re being delivered and don’t eat that product. But also, you shouldn’t blame it on the company because they don’t know that you’re specifically afraid of nuts. When you order something like a subscription box, you get what you pay for in price and value. Onnit makes sure that everyone gets the same product each month. And with so many being sold, you can’t make a personalized request in order to get your way because that’s not fair to everyone else who’s ordering.

Conclusion for the ONNIT Keto Box Subscription

While there are some negatives out there on whether the keto box is right for everyone, there are far more positive things that Onnit gives you with their keto box. Things like 30-day supplies of keto-friendly supplements along with the handful of snacks they give you to help you get back into the habit of keto transition is one excellent thing that many people who complain don’t realize. When you order your keto box, you’re normally going to expect to get at least double that worth of products in your box and every single one of them is top quality.

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