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Whether you’ve decided to fully take on the ketogenic diet, anyone who conducts research on the topic ends up coming across the company Kiss My Keto, which offers a wide variety of products and services to help you reach–and stay in–ketosis. On this company’s website, you’ll find a great blog, descriptions of books that will help you, and supplements available for purchase that were created specifically with the keto diet in mind, and which were designed to help people embarking on the transition into ketosis.

The two products that Kiss My Keto is most known for are its exogenous BHB ketone supplements, and the MCT oil. You’re likely to come across someone in your keto world who has personally tried these two products.

Many people are skeptical about trying these, and can be skeptical about Kiss My Keto in general, because at first glance it does seem like it’s a company that exists behind flashy packaging and fancy marketing. However, once people do try out their products for themselves, they’re often not only pleasantly surprised, but also hooked.

That said, Kiss My Keto does offer a wide range of products. How do you know which ones are right for you? They’re each meant for a different stage of ketosis, so which one matches your efforts and where you’re currently at? How exactly will they impact your experience of ketosis and your body? This goes in depth to Kiss My Keto and the products it offers, so you can gain the basic knowledge you need to begin discovering the best ones for yourself.

What is Kiss My Keto?

A lot of people wonder why the creators behind the company bothered to pursue the keto market in the first place. It’s quite a fair question that you should ask of any company, so you know their intents and purposes behind their products. There are also a ton of options for you, if you’re looking to supplement your keto lifestyle with products that have a low amount of carbs and a high amount of fat.

The founders behind Kiss My Keto felt that none of these options quite delivered, and didn’t believe that they were right for people in ketosis. They were struggling to find brands that were completely honest and good for your body and mind with correct, healthy ingredients. It’s also difficult to find products that help you keep up the level of macronutrients that are necessary in order to stay in ketosis, and ensure you’re dieting properly.

You’ll find lots of these options if you explore the aisles of your local grocery store as well as smaller mom and pop stores or small health food stores. However, what you’ll come across is often a mishmash of products that have too much sugar to be good for you when you’re on the keto diet. Either that, or they have too little fat, and a lot of diet supplements out there only focus on protein. It can be pretty overwhelming to face all these options that don’t quite help you sustain ketosis. That’s why its founders began Kiss My Keto.

Kiss My Keto is a company that’s completely dedicated to the lifestyle of the ketogenic diet. It hopes to not only create healthy, useful products, but to also show you exactly how to use those ingredients in a very practical and useful way, which supports your specific lifestyle. Kiss My Keto has a focus on education, and wants to show each customer how to use its products, which it believes is just as important as selling the product itself. Whether you’re simply curious about how exactly the ketogenic diet works, or you’ve been on the diet for a long time, the creators of the company hope you’ll give its products a chance. With every purchase, you’ll get useful and great tips, and a guarantee that you’ll end up loving everything it has to offer.

If you’d like to learn more about Kiss My Keto’s products, or about the ketogenic diet in general in order to decide whether you’d like to give it a try, you’re welcome to check out Ketocademy. This is the service that Kiss My Keto offers which means to educate anyone and everyone about the keto diet and products that can help you achieve your best while on this diet. Ketocademy is full of videos that not only instruct you, but provide personal testimonies on how to use products and how they’ve helped people who are on the ketogenic diet.

Kiss My Keto MCT Oil

The first product that Kiss My Keto developed, and one of the things that it is not only well known for but which has inspired a whole line, is its MCTs. MCT stands for Medium Chain Triglycerides, which come from coconuts. These molecules of fat are in three varieties: long, medium, and short. Out of all the fats that are possible to be digested, the medium MCTs are easiest for your body when it comes to burning fats for fuel. They’re also the least likely out of all the fats to get stored within your body for the long term.

For these reasons, you’ll find coconut and MCTs as very common ingredients in products that are meant to help you with ketosis. As a matter of fact, you’d need to consume a lot of coconut oil–ten times as much–in order to get all the fat-burning properties that are within MCT oil. MCT oil is a great staple for the keto diet, and you can pour it in your salad or in your coffee.

Kiss My Keto Exogenous BHB Ketones

BHB stands for Beta Hydroxybutyrates. BHB is a ketone body which your body will utilize as a source for energy, once carbs become unavailable as you start the keto diet. If you want to begin burning fat instead of carbs for fuel, you’ll have to have lots of BHB; Kiss My Keto’s popular supplement is a great source of this.

Kiss My Keto BHB is a product that contains exogenous ketones, and it can help your body believe it’s getting fuel so you enter a temporary state that’s much like ketosis. This helps your body transition into using ketones overall, so as you begin the diet you get a great boost to your energy and a break from the fogginess. However, it’s widely known that exogenous supplements taste pretty bad, so a lot of people avoid them unless they have to take them. Luckily, Kiss My Keto has aimed to create a supplement that tastes great and makes the whole experience enjoyable. In fact, for this supplement, you can pick either lemon lime, mixed berry, or pink lemonade, and each of them masks the horrible taste of exogenous ketones.

Kiss My Keto MCT Oil Powder

This product is unique, in that it’s supposed to be added to your coffee, and it doesn’t contain any carbs whatsoever. It gives you a great boost, and it’s a great delivery method for active ingredients to get to work. This is a go-to product for many people who have a hard time taking in a sufficient amount of fat to replace their carbs. However, many people say that this product does not taste as good as the marketing and the reviews say, so you may have trouble, although it’s important to know if you mix it with coffee, you won’t taste the difference.

What Kind of Ingredients Does Kiss My Keto Use?

Unfortunately, a big downside to the company is that they tend to hide information about their exact ingredients and blends. Supposedly, this is so other companies don’t steal the recipes. However, you can find ingredients for their products, such as their exogenous ketones, which include:

  • Calcium
  • Sodium
  • Malic Acid
  • Citric Acid
  • Stevia
  • Natural flavors

The MCT Oil Powder obviously has some MCT oil in it, but you’ll find other ingredients as well. This product is well known for being dairy free, so it’s a great choice if you’re vegan or are intolerant to lactose. Ingredients include:

  • MCT oil
  • Inulin
  • Dietary Fiber
  • Salt
  • Sodium Caseinate
  • Steviol Glycosides
  • Natural Flavors

What Are the Benefits to Using Kiss My Keto Products?

When it comes to the exogenous BHB ketones, which are a great addition to any keto diet because they ease your struggle to enter ketosis, you’ll find that the product is very beneficial. The way it can benefit you includes that it:

  • Increases your energy by creating an effect that’s much like ketosis, and releases the energy that’s stored in your fat
  • Contains calcium
  • Burns fat in an easy manner; if you fill your bloodstream with ketones, your body can begin to burn fat much more easily as it relies less and less on glucose  
  • Is free of caffeine; the boosts to your energy you receive are completely safe and natural, and you won’t get simply a caffeine high that is easy to crash and burn from
  • Helps you to reduce any fogginess to your brain, which commonly occurs when people start the keto diet and begin to enter ketosis, but they haven’t completely gotten used to being unable to get energy from glucose; Kiss My Keto’s ketones help you make that transition much more easily

For the MCT Oil Powder that Kiss My Keto offers, the medium chain triglycerides that Kiss My Keto’s powder has can be quite beneficial for you. This is why:

  • They help bring balance to your levels of hormones; studies have shown that MCTs can help people who suffer from imbalances to their hormones
  • They’re quite easy to digest, since they go from your digestive tract directly into your bloodstream
  • This makes things easier on your stomach, because MCTs are efficiently and quickly processed, which is great for your digestive system
  • They provide a boost to your immune system, because MCTs contain antibacterial and antiviral properties that studies have shown are beneficial to your immune system and help provide a healthy balance
  • They’re a great source for energy; MCTs are absorbed very quickly to provide you with a sustained and immediate boost

Are There Any Side Effects to Kiss My Keto’s Products?

In general, Kiss My Keto’s products are not dangerous whatsoever and you can feel safe taking them. Any side effects you feel typically are natural ones that many people experience not from specific products, but from making the transition into ketosis itself. In fact, taking Kiss My Keto’s supplements can help you get through this process. You can rest assured the products won’t cause any type of harm to your body.

If you have any concerns or hesitations, you should talk with your doctor, which is recommended anyways before you ever add any kind of supplement to your diet. Your doctor will discuss health issues and your medical history with you, to determine whether the supplements are right for you and whether they’ll be beneficial at all. If you should avoid taking exogenous ketones, your doctor will talk about this as well.

Kiss My Keto Review Conclusion

So, should you be interested in purchasing Kiss My Keto’s products? A lot of people have found that the MCT Oil Powder especially lives up to the hype. You’ll get a great boost to your energy that lasts for a while, and your appetite is often suppressed. Many of its products do what they claim to do, and you can take them without worrying at all; you’ll only reap the benefits.

They come in unflavored options that don’t taste like anything, or, you can select options that taste great. Each product is also priced in a way that matches any budget. It delivers benefits when you need them the most. It’s especially a great brand to try out if you have a hard time committing in the long term to the keto diet and have your suspicions about it. With products that taste great and do what they claim to do, you’ll find that you ease into, and stay within, ketosis in an efficient way with Kiss My Keto. It all comes down to which flavor you want, and finding the product that suits your lifestyle the best.

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