What is the Best Ketone Breath Meter? Top Rated Ketone Breath Analyzer Brands in 2020

By now you’ve probably heard about the ketogenic diet, a diet that focuses on a low intake of carbs and a high intake of fats. A lot of people who pursue this diet and follow the ketogenic lifestyle do so in order to burn the fat within their body efficiently and quickly. It’s an effective means of losing weight, and maintaining weight loss is one of the biggest aspects that the diet is known for.

Naturally, your body’s energy source is carbs. In order to make the switch from burning carbs for fuel to burning fat, your body will enter a metabolic state known as ketosis. During ketosis, your body will produce ketones and focus on using stored fat as fuel. The entire point behind the keto diet is to help you enter ketosis, and once you do, to stay in this state. Over time, you’ll burn fat and lose weight.

You might be asking yourself, how do you know when you’re in ketosis? Since the diet isn’t just about entering ketosis but also maintaining it, how is it possible? If you follow the ketogenic diet strictly enough and are consuming a high amount of fat, low amount of carbs, and moderate amount of protein, this will lead your body into producing ketones. These ketones aid you in reaching that metabolic state of ketosis and are what pushes your body into burning fat as a primary means of energy.

In order to determine whether you’re in ketosis, you need to be able to measure whether your body is producing an adequate amount of ketones. If you don’t have a ketone meter that measures the levels of ketones that your body is producing, you’ll have to rely on simply guessing. This can make people fall out of ketosis and may ruin the diet for them.

Luckily, there are devices that have been developed to measure ketones and you’ll have options to choose from. One of the most reliable and easy methods to use is a keto breath analyzer. These tools are very handy and were developed to read your levels of ketones accurately. All you need to do to figure out whether you’re in ketosis is breathe into this device. Once you see the results, you can make the necessary changes to your diet to ensure you stay in ketosis.

Top Ketone Breath Analyzers

Ketonix Breath Ketone Level Analyzer -TOP PICK5 out of 5 stars
KetoIQ Keto Breathalyzer4.9 out of 5 stars
Keto-Expert Ketone Breath Analyzer4.9 out of 5 stars

What Exactly Are Keto Breath Analyzers?

You’ve probably seen breathalyzers, which law enforcement utilizes to determine how much alcohol someone has consumed. A person breathes into the breathalyzer, and the alcohol can be measured on their breath. Keto breath analyzers work in a very similar manner, except rather than measuring the alcohol on your breath, it measures the ketones. They’re also known as keto breath meters.

To test your ketone levels, you don’t need to rely on just breath meters–there are several different ways to determine the amount and presence of ketones within your body. These include blood tests and ketone test strips that are dipped in urine in order to determine levels. While these both work and can provide accurate readings, keto breath analyzers have more convenience and ease of use.

All you have to do is hold the analyzer to your mouth and take a single extended breath. This will give you the information you need in order to determine whether you’re within the state of ketosis. When your ketones levels are ideal, you’ll be able to have the benefits of existing in a state of ketosis and burn lots of fat. While it’s true that the ketones that exist on your breath aren’t exactly similar to to ketones that exist within your blood, your breath ketones can indeed give a realistic indication of how your body is performing, and how adequately you’re using fat as a means for energy.

An additional advantage to using breath analyzers is that they have the ability to detect acetones. Acetone is a by-product of the production of ketones, and your body makes them when you’re in ketosis. By using a breath analyzer, you can measure not only ketones but also acetones, which gives you further confirmation whether you’re burning fat for fuel. When you’re producing a decent level of ketones and acetones, this is where you should aim to be on the keto diet. Generally, an ideal level is between 1.5-3 mmol/L.

Keto breath analyzers are a great option for people who want to know what their ketone levels are and to reap the benefits that this particular diet has to offer. There are a wide range of analyzers available, so how do you find the best one for you? Here are the top 3 keto breath analyzers currently on the market to give you a head start.

Best Ketone Breath Meters for Ketogenic Diet Testing

#1: Ketonix Breath Ketone Level Analyzer

As you’re using your breath to test whether your levels of ketones are adequate, you definitely want results that are accurate–without having to spend a lot of money. Ketonix has developed an analyzer that provides you with both: a high quality device that you can get for a reasonable amount. It easily and quickly analyzes your breath and you only need to blow once.

You don’t need to worry about batteries with this device–it can be charged through USB outlets, and you can use it more than a thousand times. It’s also a class I medical device, and it comes with software that you can use to not just measure your ketones, but to also analyze that information. It’s a great option for newcomers to the ketogenic lifestyle.

Pros of this product include:

  • You can use it over and over again
  • Very portable
  • Highly accurate medical device
  • Software is provided to help your assessment

Cons include:

  • It takes up to 40 minutes for the device to warm up and the software to become activated
  • Requires a power source in order to operate

#2: KetoIQ Keto Breathalyzer

If you’re looking for a great analyzer on the go, the KetoIQ is perfect for you. This device uses a semi-conductor sensor in order to measure ketone levels, and it produces accurate readings of both the levels and presence of acetones. It’s a great tool to use to get where you’d like to be; use this analyzer to hit ketosis the way you exactly want.

To analyze your levels of ketones, breathe into the device and look at the number displayed on the screen. Multiply it by 10 and divide by 2; this will give you your reading of ketones. The device was designed to use a scientific formula in order to provide you with an affordable, simple, and accurate way to determine whether you’re in ketosis. Each product is tested and sanitized within the US, and KetoIQ adheres to quality control measures.

Pros include:

  • Convenient portability due to an included keychain
  • Cost effective
  • Measurements are highly accurate
  • 100% guarantee of money back
  • Tested by dieticians


  • None

#3: Keto-Expert Ketone Breath Analyzer

An essential aspect is making sure that you’re investing in a high quality product. To do so, making a purchase from a company that’s backed by experts is a good choice. This is exactly what you’ll be doing when you get Keto-Expert’s analyzer. This device was developed by a team of people who are enthusiastic about, and experts on. the ketogenic diet. They were assisted by experienced dieticians and clinical biochemists. Together, these people designed a convenient, quick, and easy breath analyzer that can help you determine your state of ketosis.

Getting the most from your keto diet is easier than ever with this meter and analyzer. You won’t have to bother with keto strips in order to get accurate results. You can use this device over and over, and you’ll get your results within thirty seconds. It doesn’t need to charge so you don’t need to worry about plugging it in, and with its semi-conductor sensor, the readings you get are very specific and sensitive. It measures both acetones and ketones. With this effective device, you can maintain your ketosis and burn as much fat as you need to.

Pros include:

  • It’s great not just for people who are on the ketogenic diet, but the Paleo and Atkin’s diets as well
  • Cost effective


  • You will have to invest in batteries

Conclusion & What is the Best Ketone Breath Analyzer for Ketogenic Diet Testing

Adhering to the ketogenic diet and consuming a low amount of carbs while focusing on a high amount of fats can give you the boost you need to help you reach your weight goals. At some point, your body will enter ketosis, and you’ll be burning fat for fuel. Understandably, it’s tough to know whether you’re in ketosis and if the diet is working.

There are many tools available that help you measure your levels of ketones and determine whether you’re maintaining ketosis enough. One of the most convenient and non-invasive methods are ketone breath analyzers. These give you easy and quick readings by using your breath to tell you what your levels are. The information is easy to read, and you can use analyzers over and over again. It’s a great tool to invest in to support your ketogenic lifestyle.

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