Best Ketosis Strips Review 2020 – Test Ketone Levels for the Ketogenic Diet

If you’ve ever tried out the ketogenic diet, you know firsthand that it’s one thing to reach ketosis, and another thing completely to make sure you stay in ketosis and maintain that state as time goes on. It’s very easy to accidentally throw yourself out of ketosis, as simple and small mistakes can lead to a spike in your levels of glucose. For example, supplements can kick you out, or you might consume something that has added sugar you weren’t aware of.

When you’re pursuing the keto lifestyle, how do you know you’re still in ketosis? Luckily, there are some easy ways you can test your levels of ketones and make sure you’re where you need to be, all at your own home. One of the most simple and affordable ways to conduct testing is to purchase urine testing strips. These are typically reliable and accurate, and the readings come fast–in a matter of minutes, in fact.

It’s not just recommended that you use these strips when you begin on the keto diet; it’s recommended that you use them all the time, even if you think you’re a pro at the keto lifestyle. If you get in the habit of testing regularly, it’ll help you detect low levels of ketones earlier on, and you can also pinpoint factors that make you fall out of ketosis so you can learn how to avoid those factors.

Over the years, keto dieters have tried dozens of testing strip products. Some of them are better than others when it comes to accuracy and ease of use, so it’s important to know which strips are worth your investment. There’s a wide variety of keto strips available, but you don’t have to look any further than this article to know your best options; here, you’ll find a discussion of the top 6 products, as well as a description of how to use these strips and what they can do for you. The last thing you want as you’re on the keto diet is an inaccurate reading that makes you fall out of ketosis and prevents you from being successful on your diet.

What Exactly Are Keto Strips?

If you’ve done the keto diet, you know that you need to cut your carbs and load up on healthy fats, such as seeds, nuts, avocado, and salmon. Once your body makes the transition from using carbs as a source for fuel to using fats, you’ll enter ketosis. This is a metabolic state in which your body uses stored fats instead of carbs for energy, which is what leads to the weight loss that the keto diet is famous for. But how do you know if you’ve entered ketosis at all?

This is where keto testing strips come in. These will test the levels of ketone bodies within your urine. Your body will produce ketones naturally if you’re following the diet efficiently. If you’re producing a lot of ketones, it’s likely you’re in ketosis–so if you keep testing and have noticed a drop in levels, this means you’ve probably fallen out of ketosis. By conducting tests, you get realistic and reliable feedback on how you’re doing, and this is important if you’d like to be successful and lead the ketogenic lifestyle.

Are There Different Kinds of Keto Strips?

Usually, you will be able to measure your ketone levels at home with keto strips that make use of either your urine or your blood. The best option if you’re looking for ease of use and affordability are urine strips. They’re likely all you need if you’d like to test cheaply and quickly, especially if you’re starting your keto diet and are new to the whole process. However, if you’ve been on the diet for a while and would like really accurate results, a blood meter that tests ketones might be a better option for you.

A blood test will measure your ketone levels by utilizing the exact method that people who are diabetic use in order to test the levels of glucose within their blood. For many people, this is considered to be the most accurate and reliable means of testing. It also will not be as affected by exercise, consumption of food, or levels of hydration like urine tests might. However, if you’re curious about what ketone testing strips are and are just starting out, urine testing strips will be just fine for you.

How Do I Use Keto Strips?

Urine testing strips are relatively straightforward. Depending on which type of brand you purchase, instructions will vary, however you’ll most likely pee into a paper cup, dip the strip in and hold for several seconds, and watch as the strip changes color. There should be a color chart that’s included in the package of strips you bought that you can compare your test to. This’ll help you determine what your levels of ketones are. Usually, the higher the level of ketones, the darker the strip will be.

If you’d like a blood keto strip, you’ll prick your finger in order to draw some blood which is inserted into a meter. This is a more complicated process and can be more expensive; it requires a lot of investment. This is the reason why urine tests are recommended for beginners and for people who want a simple, easy way to test their ketones.

Whether you use blood strips or urine strips, it’s recommended that you test your levels first thing in the morning, as soon as you wake up. This way, food digested and exercise won’t be factors that impact the results of your reading, and it’s the most clear testing you could possibly get.

Are you ready to begin testing yourself? These are some of the best keto urine strips that are currently on the market, all of which you can easily purchase online.

The Best Keto Strips

#1: Perfect Keto Strips

Benefits of this product include:

  • The quality is of lab grade
  • They were created especially for people who are on the ketogenic diet
  • The testings are easy and accurate
  • Each package contains 100 strips
  • The instructions are easy to follow

If you’re on the keto diet or have been using supplements that are keto friendly already, it’s likely that you’ve heard about Perfect Keto. This company is pretty well established in the keto market due to their products that taste great, are completely keto friendly, and don’t have any added fillers or flavorings; it’s tough to find a rival company that matches up to Perfect Keto.

At first, all of Perfect Keto’s products were supplements meant to help people achieve success on the keto diet, however, they’ve dabbled in creating other products as well, such as sports drinks, and importantly these keto testing strips. They’re urine testing strips that are safe and easy to use and come in packages of 100 strips so you can rest assured as you begin your keto journey.

If you’re familiar with this company, you understand that all of their products are of high quality and take things to the next level. These urine testing strips are no different. Not only are they accurate and easy, but they come with a guide so you know exactly how to use them even if you haven’t tested for ketones before. This is the top keto testing product because it’s absolutely reliable, and you can depend on Perfect Keto delivering when it comes to any of their products, whether it’s their supplements or their Ketone Testing Strips.

#2: One Earth Health – Ketosis Strips

Benefits of this product include:

  • They are professional grade testing strips
  • It comes with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee
  • A free book is included with the strips

One Earth Health’s Test Strips are completely manufactured in America, and you’ll find your product backed with a guarantee that lasts a lifetime. It doesn’t matter when you purchased these strips–if they didn’t work and you aren’t satisfied, not only do you get your money back, you get a replacement as well. This shows that One Earth has complete faith in their products and also has great customer service.

If you’re new to the keto diet, especially if you’re looking to use it as a way to lose weight, these strips come with an eBook that introduces you to the diet. It even includes recipes for each day of the week, and this is an excellent way to become motivated as you gain the knowledge you need in order to enter ketosis and kickstart your ketogenic lifestyle.

In a single order, you’ll get 150 testing strips and they’re quite affordable. You can use them to test yourself every single day, which will come in handy for the first several weeks as you try to maximize your ketone levels and adjust your body.

#3: Smackfat Strips – Ketone Strips

Benefits of this product include:

  • It was developed especially for people on the ketogenic diet
  • The testings provide accurate results
  • Each package contains 100 strips

If you’re searching for an easy and reliable way to figure out whether you’ve truly entered ketosis, Smackfat’s strips are one of the best options to do so. The company’s mission is to help you get rid of fat, and with this product in particular they’re able to help you with this by enabling you to determine whether your diet is on track and whether your ketones are at the levels they should be. With Smackfat, it’s easy to decide whether you need to focus on getting your levels to increase.

All you need to do to use this strip is dip it in a cup of your urine and after a few minutes, compare the color results to the color chart, which is provided with the product. These strips are very reliable and accurate and can be used for people who are on the Paleo and Atkins diets as well. You’ll also get your results instantly.

Smackfat also goes a step further by providing resources that are meant to motivate you and support you, so you’re as successful as possible from the efforts you’re making. With this product, you’ll get Smackfat’s educational resources and a video demonstration that regards the process of strip testing and discusses their lifetime guarantee, which they have for all of their products. Beyond this, the company offers great customer support. All in all, this is another viable product for you to test whether your body has entered ketosis.

#4: Precision Xtra Strips – Ketosis Test Strips

Benefits of this product include:

  • The results are very fast
  • It’s very easy to use
  • It is approved by the FDA

Precision Xtra, developed by Abbott, is a very popular product as it’s multi-functional, and not only does it test the ketone levels for people who are on the ketogenic diet, but it can be used to test other things, such as checking the levels of glucose in people who are diabetic. If you’d like a hassle-free means of testing your levels of ketones without needing to use a urine strip, Precision Xtra is the product for you.

It’s very accurate and very easy to use. In fact, its readings are more accurate than some other brands. However, it is priced highly and some people may not be able to justify the price. If you’d like a testing strip that’s accurate and fast, give Precision Xtra a try–it won’t disappoint.

#5: Ketobars Strips – Keto Urine Strips

Benefits of this product include:

  • It was created to test ketone levels specifically
  • Testings are easy and accurate
  • Each package comes with 100 strips

Ketobars is a popular brand, and it’s easy to see why with its urine strips. The company is well known for its pastries which are keto friendly, but it has a wide range of products that are great for keto dieters, include its testing strips–they recently released their line. What impresses a lot of people is how easy it is to use this product and it works very well. This company definitely understands ketosis and how to help people who are on the keto diet.

#6: Nurse Hatty Strips – Keto Sticks

Benefits of this product include:

  • It is approved by the FDA
  • Its results are provided very fast
  • The package includes information on ketosis in a PDF

If you’re searching for testing strips that are completely reliable, look no further than these, which come in packages of 150 strips. This product will last you a long time and help you throughout your entire transition into–and maintenance of–ketosis. It definitely provides you with the assurance that you can test instantly and accurately over and over again. These are of high quality, and they were developed in America. An improved build that’s professional grade provides great results for you.

Typically, these testing strips are provided to healthcare facilities such as pharmacies, laboratories, and hospitals. This is because their ingredients are of such high quality and their results are so reliable. The product is CLIA Waived, CE Marked, OTC Approved, and has earned FDA 510k clearance due to a stabilize reagent that can last for up to 90 days. The sticks are also 4.2 inches long, which helps you keep yourself clean as you efficiently test. If you need high quality strips, these are the ones for you.

Are There Any Benefits to Using Keto Testing Sticks?

If you’re on the ketogenic diet and you need to know you’re doing things right, you need to utilize a urine test so you can check the levels of your ketones and maintain ketosis. It’s much easier and more affordable than blood tests, the results are reliable, and you have plenty of options to choose from on the market. All you have to do is pick a consistent time of day (first thing in the morning), dip the strip into a filled cup, and check your results. While you won’t get a specific number, you will at least get a range and will be able to tell whether you are maintaining ketosis, or whether you need to adjust your diet because you’ve been kicked out of the fat-burning state.

Beyond getting accurate results that can ensure you’re successful on your diet, the tests can also be quite motivating. Entering ketosis isn’t something you’ll be able to witness, and it’s exciting to see the color changing on the strips as your ketone levels rise and rise, until you’re fully in ketosis. It’s a great way for a lot of people to stick to their diet, and be able to actually see the changes that are happening to their body.

The strips will provide you results really quickly, as well; make sure you read the instructions to have a realistic idea, but typically, you’ll only need to wait a couple of minutes before the strip has fully developed and you can check to see what color it is. Reading the results is quite simple–you don’t need to be a scientist or be able to decode symbols. All you have to do is compare your colored stick to the chart that is always included with the product you purchased. Simply look at the color your stick matches the most to see whether your ketone levels are high or not. You’ll fall within some kind of range and will be able to tell how your diet is affecting you.

Conclusion for the Best Keto Strips for Testing Ketone Levels

Beginning the keto diet can be tough–especially if you’re a newcomer to the ketogenic lifestyle. As your body transitions from burning carbs to burning fats for fuel, you will enter a state known as ketosis. How do you know you’re in ketosis? The easiest and simplest way is to use urine ketone testing strips. Just keep in mind that eating a big meal or testing right after you work out can make your results inaccurate.

If you’re wondering what the normal level of ketones in the urine is, if you’re in ketosis, your level should be between 1.5 and 3 mmol/L. If you’re at 1.0 mmol/L, technically you’re starting ketosis, however you should aim for 1.5 to be safe. At lower levels, it’s more likely you’ll accidentally fall out of your precious ketosis state.

If you’re concerned about accuracy, don’t worry–urine strips are indeed quite accurate and they will actually be able to tell you whether or not you’re in ketosis, making it easier than ever to maintain your diet and your weight loss. You won’t get an exact number with urine strips, but you will get a range that will guide you well.

Now that you understand all there is to know about testing for ketones using urine strips, the only thing you have to do is figure out the best product on the market for you. You’ll have lots of options, many of which are high quality and which can indeed accurately tell you whether you’re maintaining ketosis or not. It’s best to step back and assess your needs. You should especially take note of whether you’re a beginner or not, as this is perhaps the biggest factor in which product you purchase.

Take a look at the testing strips that are listed above, as each of them provide reliability, accuracy, and ease of use so you can rest assured as you’re on the keto diet. The one that’s recommended the most is Perfect Keto’s testing strips due to their reliable and quick results. They’re very easy to use, and time after time you’ll get great results that you can depend on, so you can adjust your diet if you’re out of ketosis or can keep doing what you’ve been doing.

No matter what, you’ll discover a great option that will reliably and quickly help you with determining whether you’re successful on your diet and have reached that state all keto dieters aim for: ketosis. Once you know, you can keep burning fat and losing weight, and all of your efforts will pay off. In the end, one of the most important things to make sure you achieve is getting a product that will provide you with accurate results so you can be guided through your diet.

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