Best Keto Friendly Beef Jerky – Top Low Carb Brands in 2020

If you’ve had first hand experience with the keto diet, you know it’s really difficult to find snacks that are completely keto friendly, but which are also tasty and filling. It’s also tough to find a good variety, and a lot of times you end up being stuck in a cycle of the same snacks: veggie sticks, nuts, and coffee that’s filled with butter and cream.

That’s why keto friendly beef jerky can be a lifesaver for people who are on a low carb diet. It’s a great snack that lasts forever, is easily portable, filled with protein, and best of all, has very little carbs and lots of fats that are healthy. As you’re consuming keto friendly meals, this is a great treat to snack on when you get a little hungry in the afternoons.

Beef jerky also is very flavorful, so you don’t have to worry about bland snacks as you’re dieting. They’re perfect to take on a hike or a road trip, put into your car so you have a healthy snack at your fingertips all day, and to consume right before you work out so you get a keto friendly burst of energy and stay full.

You’re probably wondering which brands of beef jerky are best for keto dieters. There are a ton of options on the beef jerky market, but you need to be careful–some of them contain lots of sodium and hidden carbs that can kick you out of ketosis and ruin the whole purpose behind your diet. Luckily, several brands have already been studied and you can find the top products below, as well as an explanation as to to what beef jerky is and how it can help you be successful on your keto diet.

What Is Beef Jerky?

You’ve probably seen strips of beef jerky at your local grocery store or in the gas stations you make a stop at along the road. You might have even tried it and liked it, but what is beef jerky, exactly?

Jerky can be made from all kinds of meat, such as turkey, pork, and chicken, but you’ll typically find that your jerky has been made from beef. The tough, salty, delicious snack is made by marinating strips of beef in a curing solution, then letting the strips completely dry. The meat is cured with a solution of salt, which cuts the moisture within the meat by half of its original amount. This also gives beef jerky its strong, smoky flavor, which is a lot more potent than other meat that isn’t cured with salt. The process removes moisture and increases the concentration of flavor, leading to a chewy product that’s bursting with flavor.

Once meat has gone through this process, it can last for a very long time and has an extended shelf life. You also don’t need to worry about keeping it refrigerated–which is why it’s the perfect snack for people who are on the go and why you see it in gas stations so much. It also contains very few calories and is low in cholesterol, but has a high amount of protein and healthy fats. This is why beef jerky is perfect for keto dieters–and you can find it in several different flavors. If you’re restricting your daily intake of calories, beef jerky is a filling snack that will help you stick to your weight loss goals. It also typically has high amounts of iron and vitamin B12, which are essential minerals for your body and which help you maintain your ketosis state.

Keto Carne Beef Jerky Sticks -TOP PICK5 out of 5 stars
People’s Choice Beef Jerky4.9 out of 5 stars
Chomps Beef Jerky4.8 out of 5 stars
Vermont Smoke & Cure Beef Jerky4.7 out of 5 stars
Mission Meats Beef Jerky4.6 out of 5 stars

Are There Any Negative Aspects to Eating Beef Jerky on Keto Diet?  

It’s important to keep in mind that no matter how healthy a snack is, it’s not good for you to consume too much of any type of food. How good beef jerky is for your body and your health can also depend a lot on the quality of the product you purchased, so you need to be careful and read the ingredients to make sure you’re not doing more harm than good; you especially don’t want to overdo anything.

Read the labeling on the package carefully. A lot of beef jerky contains high amounts of sodium, and there may be some unhealthy fats as well. In fact, it’s well known that beef jerky is very salty and has a lot of sodium, so you should only consume small amounts of the snack at a time. On average, a serving of 100g of this food has 2,081mg of sodium. If you consume too much, you’ll accidentally increase your blood pressure as well as cause other health problems.

In order to prevent an increase to your risk of getting kidney pain, heart disease, and stroke, the recommendation is that adults should consume at most 2,300 mg of sodium each day. Be aware: eating even a couple servings of beef jerky every day means that you can go well over your daily limit of sodium consumption.

You should also take note of the cuts of meat that are in your beef jerky product, because your intake of fats that are unhealthy could increase depending on what type of meat is in the jerky. Fats that are saturated may lead to a spike in your levels of cholesterol. If you’re not careful, this healthy and filling snack can quickly turn unhealthy: a serving of 100g can contain up to 61mg of cholesterol and 11g of fat that’s saturated. It’s recommended that if an adult is consuming a diet of 2,000 calories per day, saturated fat should not comprise any more than 10% of those calories.

As you shop for beef jerky to snack on during your ketogenic diet, it’s essential that you pick products that have a low amount of saturated fats and a low amount of sodium. Keep in mind, it’s not just about whether the product is keto friendly or not; there are other factors to consider.

What Should I Look for in Beef Jerky That’s Low in Carbs and Keto Friendly?

If there was a snack that was created perfectly for the ketogenic diet, many people agree: that snack would definitely be beef jerky. It’s a great addition for anyone who’s following the ketogenic lifestyle. That said, however, be aware that beef jerky can still be unhealthy, and some products on the market are loaded with sugar. It’s very important to read the packaging, check out all labels, and ensure that the product you’ve purchased doesn’t contain any sugars whatsoever, or at least has a very low amount of them.

Try your best to avoid any product that has added sugars, especially if it’s artificial sugaring and flavoring, because this’ll lead to an increase in the levels of glucose within your blood and can make you fall out of ketosis. Calculate your net carbs, and understand that specific flavors can lead to a beef jerky product being full of carbs and sugar.

What Are the Best Keto Friendly Beef Jerky Products?

Here are the top 5 beef jerky products you can buy that are low in carbs.

#1: Keto Carne Beef Jerky Sticks – Best Keto Beef Jerky

Keto Carne is a company that has ensured all of its beef jerky contains absolutely no sugars or carbs in each serving. The product contains just three ingredients: water, spices, and beef. Although it sounds simple, the jerky is bursting with flavor and isn’t too dry or salty. It’s also not tough or chewy, which is a common problem with beef jerky, and it comes in several flavors, including an original flavor and a spicy one for people who like a little kick to their keto snacks. Keto Carne also uses cuts of meat that are of high quality and contain healthy fats, so this jerky is perfect for people on the ketogenic diet.

Pros of this product include:

  • Ingredients that are completely natural
  • No sugar or carbs
  • It fits the macro ratio people who are on the keto diet should be following at 70:30 fat to protein
  • Each serving contains 7 grams of fat

#2: People’s Choice Keto Friendly Beef Jerky

This brand creates many products that are completely keto friendly, and its beef jerky is one of its most popular. You can buy its jerky in the form of chews, sticks, or pieces. You get a great boost of protein from cuts of beef that are lean, and the sticks especially contain cuts of meat that are fattier. The sticks are the best option for keto dieters, as they have the most optimal fat/protein combination. Each of People Choice’s products contain zero net carbs.

When it comes to flavoring, this company has developed a lot of great flavors, each of which are delicious. You can find their beef jerky in Original flavor, as well as Carne Seca Jerky, Limon Con Chile, Orange Honey Teriyaki, Garlic Ginger, Flamin Hot, and Hot & Spicy. The company has become famous for its beef jerky, which it’s been selling and making for almost ninety years throughout four generations, so you know this product tastes great and is of high quality.

Pros include:

  • It’s craft jerky that is completely authentic
  • The texture is like steak
  • The cuts are thick
  • It contains zero preservatives, nitrates, and MSG

#3: Chomps Low Carb Beef Jerky

This company’s beef jerky products aren’t just for people who are on the keto diet; it’s completely compatible with some other diets such as the Whole30 and Paleo diets. For any of these, Chomps Beef Jerky is a great accompaniment to your meals. The meat snacks they’ve developed contain only meats that are free range and grass fed. It also doesn’t have any hormones or antibiotics. Quality, grass fed meat is important to get when you’re on the keto diet, so this is the perfect snack. Chomps’ products also don’t have any carbs or sugar, and you won’t find many calories with them with only 100 calories per stick, with variance per flavor. The sticks contain 9 grams of protein and 6 grams of fat, so they’re great and tasty for the keto lifestyle.

Pros include:

  • It’s certified for the paleo diet
  • It doesn’t contain any GMOs
  • The venison is free range
  • Each flavor has zero net carbs, besides the cranberry

#4: Vermont Smoke & Cure Beef Jerky on Keto

These sticks of beef jerky have less fat and sodium than many other products, and besides beef, you’ll also find turkey jerky and pork jerky. Vermont Smoke & Cure smokes everything naturally at their smokehouse, and uses meats that are of high quality only. Their jerky is full of flavor and it’s a tasty, great snack for keto dieters. It’s low in calories as well.

Pros include:

  • Low calorie count
  • Great ratio of protein to fat
  • No hormones, antibiotics, nitrites, gluten, artificial preservatives, or MSG

#5: Mission Meats Keto Jerky

If you’re looking for beef jerky that’s keto friendly, tastes great, and comes from a company that’s socially aware, look no further than Mission Meats. Part of their sales goes to charities, so you can feel good in multiple ways when you buy their products. The beef jerky is also very compatible with only 1 gram of net carbs, and its ingredients only include spices, water, and beef that’s grass fed. That’s all–no preservatives or artificial ingredients, and you can keep this jerky on the shelf for a long time. You’ll get just 80 calories in a single stick, which makes this a keto friendly snack that’s low in calories and is a great option whenever you’re hungry.

Pros include:

  • The jerky is 100% free of GMOs, fillers, nitrates, nitrites, antibiotics, or hormones
  • Beef is grass fed
  • Company gives back

Conclusion – Best Keto Beef Jerky

If you’re on the keto diet and are looking for a great snack beyond the things you’re tired and sick of eating, beef jerky is an incredibly keto friendly snack. It’s flavorful, lasts a long time, and has the macros you need in terms of protein and healthy fats. Just keep an eye on your sodium intake and don’t overdo it. In the end, it’s a great option for people who are restricting their diet.

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