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Kept Recipes | Low-Carb EASY 2 Minutes Morning Bread

Easiest Bread EVER! I have to shear this bread with you– this literally helped my bread craving, and to be honest I prefer this bread over those flour bread. You can make it within 2 minutes, YUMMY, and you can have fun with it by adding many fun ingredients. I tried arrange the recipe to […]

Keto Diet |Ultimate 4 Weeks Keto Plan

Combat the Keto-Flu Once you are done organizing your pantry and refrigerator, and stocked them with Keto-friendly food and snacks, you are ready to start your Keto life. In this article, I would like to shear 4-weeks method that works really well in terms of avoiding major Keto-flu. Keto-flu, is basically the side effects that your […]

Keto Diet | 2 Best Keto App You Need to Have NOW

Counting Your Carb, Fat, Protein and Calorie Intake To achieve Ketosis, counting precise carb, protein, fat and calorie intake is pretty important and rather crucial. Many people seems to make mistakes on NOT counting their carb intake. While believing that the daily consuming is less than 20g of carb, often times people go waaaay over […]

Keto Eat-Out Guide | Chipotle Mexican Grill

Ultimate Fresh Mexican Fast Food: Chipotle! When I first moved to California, one of the thing I absolutely loved was the Mexican food. For some reason, Mexican cuisine is not as popular as other types of foods in Tokyo, where I was born and raised. Which is really sad since those delicious salsa, cheese, sour […]

Keto Eat-Out Guide | The Cheesecake Factory

OH CHEESECAKE FACTORY- a heaven where a devil lives. Even though I knew their one huge slice of cheesecake would sums up my entire calorie intake for a day, I could not stop irresistible urge to indulge the delicious bites after bites. What is the calorie of a slice of cheesecake? There’s a good reason […]

Keto Eat-Out Guide | Denny’s

America’s Favorite: Denny’s ! Yes, there’s many many fancy, delicious, finger licking’ restaurants out there. But for some reason, you’ll find yourself making your way to Denny’s for breakfast or brunch. Who can’t say no to free kid’s meal, right? Well then- why not take a look at nutrition facts and carb count of their […]

Best Keto Meal Replacement Shakes in 2020

What Is the Best Meal Replacment Shake for Ketogenic Diet?  Top Keto Meal Replacement Brands for 2020 In the realm of dieting, a very popular product for many people are meal replacement shakes. If you’d like to lose weight, build muscle tissue, and get as much as you can from working out, protein shakes pack […]

Best Potassium Supplement for Keto 2020

Top Rated Potassium Supplement for Keto Diet – Best Brands in 2020 Once people begin their ketogenic journey, they often find that they have more energy. You typically hear about all the benefits that the keto diet has to offer. It may seem like whenever you read about it or have a friend talk about […]