America’s Favorite: Denny’s !

Yes, there’s many many fancy, delicious, finger licking’ restaurants out there.
But for some reason, you’ll find yourself making your way to Denny’s for breakfast or brunch.
Who can’t say no to free kid’s meal, right? Well then- why not take a look at nutrition facts and carb count of their menu?

Their transparency on nutrition details is excellent– you can always ask waitresses/waiters to bring the guide, or better yet go online, everything is right there in front of you. Not only their transparency, but also they give you detailed information such as fiber and sugar breakdown.
Which means, you can actually count NET CARB by subtracting the fiber from total carb count (unlike Cheesecake Factory), YAY!

With other “Eat-out Guide” that I do in this blog, I picked up the Keto-friendly menu and made chart for you to look over.

Denny’s Low-Carb Menu Item List

** Net carb is displayed here, not total carb.
** Data is from Denny’s official Nutrition Menu.

CategoryMenuNet CarbCalories
Build Your Own Grand Slam®
Bacon Strips (2sli)1g70cal
Eggs (2)1g250cal
Egg Whites (2)1g60cal
Gouda-Apple Chicken Sausage (1 link)2g130cal
Grilled Ham Slice (3oz)3g100cal
Sausage Links (2links)0g160cal
Turkey Bacon Strips (2strips)1g55cal
Breakfast Favorites
Ham & Cheese Omelette w/o hash browns or bread7g650cal
Loaded Veggie Omelette w/o hash browns or bread7g390cal
Philly Cheesesteak Omelette w/o hash browns or bread11g960cal
T-Bone Steak & Eggs w/o hash browns or bread1g860cal
Ultimate Omelette® w/o hash browns or bread8g620cal
Crazy Spicy Skillet0g1020cal
Crazy Spicy Skillet w/ 2 eggs0g1260cal
Salads and Sides
Avocado Chicken Caesar Salad (16oz)8g660cal
Prime Rib Cobb Salad w/o dressing12g630cal
Sirloin Steak w/o bread3g260cal
T-Bone Steak w/o bread5g580cal
Tilapia Ranchero w/o bread3g340cal
Blue Cheese Dressing (1.5oz)3g160cal
Brown Gravy (1oz)2g 10cal
Buffalo Sauce (2oz)2g40cal
Caesar Dressing (1.5oz)0g250cal
Creamer (half and half) (13ml)1g14cal
Fat Free Italian Dressing (1.5oz)4g15cal
Ranch Dressing (1.5oz)1g180cal
Sour Cream (1.5oz)2g90cal
Whipped Margarine (tsp)0g15cal
Hot Tea / Herbal Tea0g0cal
Unsweetened Ice Tea0g0cal
55+ Omelette7g450cal
55+ Starter0g190cal

**Please keep in mind that everyone’s body is different, and plan your meal responsibly. This is a “suggested references,” NOT A MAGIC RULE OR GUIDE that will make you thinner or achieve Ketosis. Dairy food consumption is entirely up to you, please make wise choices.

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