Counting Your Carb, Fat, Protein and Calorie Intake

To achieve Ketosis, counting precise carb, protein, fat and calorie intake is pretty important and rather crucial.

Many people seems to make mistakes on NOT counting their carb intake.

While believing that the daily consuming is less than 20g of carb, often times people go waaaay over the limit- therefore failing to achieve Ketosis.

Let me tell you- 20g of carb is pretty hard to achieve, especially when you are a beginner to this diet.

Carb is in everywhere. Perhaps you are eating lots of vegetables because they are healthy and low calories. Unfortunately, eating lots of vegetables and not knowing which one has higher carb intake will have huge impact on your carb count.

Also, be aware of processed meat such as deli turkey or ham, cooked ham, curved ham…sort of things.

Because they are processed, you often find high carb count even though they are meat product (i.e., 4 thin slices of deli ham have 2g of carb).
You never know where those evil carbs are hidden, so I recommend;


Here are the 2 best apps that I’ve used and found very useful and helped me to achieve ketosis!
I will talk about PROs and CONs as well.

1. Keto Diet Tracker: Low Carb Diet Guide By Mikhail Platonov

– Simple and Easy
– Clean design
– Many Foods (brands) / Restaurant registered as choice 
– Goal Value Modification
– Frequent / Recent / Categories Items

I like this app mainly because of its simplicity.There’s no bells and whistles, thus simply serves the purpose: Calorie, Fat, Protein and Carb count.
Before you start counting, you can modify your daily intake through setting menu.

You simply log what you ate and how much you ate, and the app will calculate the sum of daily consumption for you. After adding items, you can tap the item and modify the amount (took few days for me to figure it out). I also like the visual design as well, very simple and easy to read. When you want to add some food from restaurant (when you go cheesecake factories, Denny’s and etc), simply go to Categories and you can choose restaurant. As long as the restaurant is not local and family own, you won’t have any trouble finding what you are looking for.
Also I love that they add items that you eat very often, in “frequent” section. Time saving!

Here is some screen shots from my phone- I just love that I can easily see how many I’ve consumed, and how much room left for the day.

– Need to pay to use.
– Modification limitation 

So you start adding all the food, and after adding about 5 items, the app will tell you; “you need to upgrade to PRO to add more items!”

Even though I put paying part in “cons” section, I really do think creating something should never be free.

If you like it and know that the creator put effort into it, then they deserve to be rewarded. Nothing is free, right?

In order to upgrade to PRO for 1 month, it’s $2.99,  $5.99 for 3 months, and $11.99 for 12 months.

If you would like to get lifetime access, then it’ll be $24.99. It wouldn’t hurt to try for a month and see how it goes?

The second CONS kind of bugs me. I purchased for 5 months Pro membership, but for some reason I can’t modify the calorie intake lower than 1511 cal per day. I eventually want to challenge Atkins’ 1000 calorie diet when my weight loss stops, but I wouldn’t be able to change the calorie intake down to 1000.

2: Lifesum- Inspiring Healthy Lifestyle App By Lifesum AB

– Various Features (water intake, exercise log)
– Each Meal is categorized (morning, lunch, dinner)
– Recipes 
– Many extra informations

This app has various contents to look forward to- such as, healthy recipes, tips on weight loss, holistic tests and more. You can modify your consumption from setting as well, and unlike the first app, amount can go down as much as you need (though you really need to make sure to eat enough!). What is appreciated here is probably the water count and exercise log features. As a Keto dieter, hydration is very crucial, probably having water consumption tracker will be a good reminder that you need to push fluids.

This app is for a person who enjoy using iPhone app and for who can spend moderate time on it. Since there’s so many contents to look for and keep track of, you might find it either too much of a hustle, or absolutely love its complexity. I personally have trouble spending lots of time on my device, but otherwise this is a great app to have.

– Need to pay to count Net Carb.
– More features available upon payment 
– Too many contents 
-Not built for Keto specific

This app is not built specifically for the purpose of Ketogenic Diet, therefore they don’t distinguish total CARB intake and NET CARB intake. This is pretty crucial for us, Keto dieters– we only count NET CARBS, which is what you get from subtracting fiber from total carb. In order to display your fiber intake, you need to pay to upgrade. There are three different Lifesum Premium Subscriptions; 3 month subscription for $21.99, 6 month subscription for $29.99 and 1 year subscription for $44.99. You also need to purchase subscription to see more recipes, hacks, tips and etc.

Over all, this app has too many contents (from my personal opinion) and it is really overwhelming. Again, this is perfect for people who likes to have all the features and log all of your daily dietary intake precisely. If you are type of person who wants to just simply see your consumption counts and nothing else, I would recommend the first app.

Hope this review helped you pursuing your Ketogenic Diet journey!!!

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