Combat the Keto-Flu

Once you are done organizing your pantry and refrigerator, and stocked them with Keto-friendly food and snacks, you are ready to start your Keto life.
In this article, I would like to shear 4-weeks method that works really well in terms of avoiding major Keto-flu.

Keto-flu, is basically the side effects that your body go through from major dietary changes.
Your body is so used to eating carbs and sugar so much that during the first phase of your Ketosis, you may experience:
-mood swings (irritability)
-fatigue …etc.

This is basically due to the carb and sugar withdrawal. When your body is going through major carb cutdown, it’ll take a while to adjust. Personally, cutting down your carb/sugar intake down to 20g from 350g over night is unrealistic and not safe on your body.

First of all, you would crave sweets and breads like crazy, and lacking sugar in your system drives you insane. Literally, all you’ll think about is food, and you will be so cranky that your kids, husband and friends will ask you what is up with you. THEN, what might happen next is that you’ll end up cheating here and there, or worse, you might just give up and walk away.

This is why 4-weeks plan works better on your body than simply trying to achieve ketosis in 3 days. Hopefully you’ll be able to go through dietary change slowly but surely, and finding yourself achieving ketosis without major Keto-flu. I will talk about how to get ready before starting this 4 week plan, then going though each weeks’ goals, as well as giving an meal plan example for each week.

Getting Ready

To go through this 4 weeks plan successfully, you need to keep track of your fat, protein, carb and calorie intake precisely. When I first started this, I was doing everything manually, calculating everything by myself- it was really tough and really time consuming. Thanks to smart phones and invention of apps, all you have to do now is to download one of the Keto apps and start logging in what you eat. In this article, “Calorie, Carb, Fat and Protein Count iPhone App Review“, I am introducing more about those apps. If you want to see the detailed comparison of two apps that I personally recommend, please click the link above 🙂

But for now, let’s just move on 🙂
2 recommended apps:

Keto Diet Tracker by Mikhail Platonov
Simply designed. I started with this app first- very easy to use, no bells and whistles.

Life sum by Lifesum AB
This one is fancier, you can add exercise counts, categorize each meal, log in water intake, etc.

Download one or both, and you are set to go!

Week 1


#1 Cut down your carb intake to: less than 100g a day.

#2 No more carb-rich snacks (Doughnuts, muffins, banana breads, granola bars…. anything with refined/added sugar, processed snacks).

#3 You can eat bread, rice or pasta (as long as you are limiting your carb intake less than 100g), but it has to be either breakfast or lunch. No carbs at the dinner table.

#4 You can eat fruits within 100g carb daily limit. Swap your doughnut to berries, bananas, peaches and other nutrient rich fruits.

#5 No more sodas, juices and energy drinks. You can drink water, coffee and teas (of course without syrups and sweetened whipped cream).

By following this rules, start logging your food. Everything, I mean everything.  ANYTHING YOU PUT IN YOUR MOUTH.
You don’t have to be super precise, but you want to log in as accurate as you can.

Week1 Meal Plan Example:

Total Calorie: 1303cal, Carb: 91g, Fat: 67g, Protein: 72g

Morning2 eggs (any style)
Buttermilk pancake (bisquick mix) 1oz
with Butter (1tbsp)
Bacon Strips (2 Slices)
Snack 1Strawberries (50g)
Dannon Plain Greek Yogurt (1 container)
LunchChicken (small chicken thigh), Grilled
Avocado (1 medium)
Cherry Tomatos (10 tomatos)
Snack 21 Small Apple, with peanut butter (2tbsp)
Dinner1oz Grilled Salmon
Cooked Asparagus (1cup)
Banana Shake: (1 medium), almond milk (1.5 cup)

Week 2


#1 Cut down your carb intake to: less than 70g a day.

#2 Start thinking about FAT. Start cooking with coconut oil, avocado oil.

#3 Eliminate grains- No more bread, pancakes, oatmeals- get your carb only from fruits and vegetable. (You can eat sweet potato during week 1 & 2).

Hopefully you got use to not eating processed snack, and maybe just by doing that you are already experiencing the weight loss.
I am glad that you are, but just so you know, those are water weight that you are losing- you have few weeks left till your body actually start burning body fats.

Week2 Meal Plan Example:

Total Calorie: 1335cal, Carb:67g, Fat: 86g, Protein: 65g

Morning2 eggs (any style)
cook with coconut oil (1/2tbsp)
Bacon Strips (2 Slices)
Strawberries (50g)
Banana, medium
Snack 11 String Cheese
5 slices Italian Salami
LunchKeto Friendly Bread
with 2 leaf lettuce
Turkey brest Deli sandwich meat (4 slices)
1tbsp Mayo
Tomato 2slices
Snack 2Berrie Smoothies:
1cup blueberries
2cup almond milk
1/2 cup Raspberries
1/2 medium Banana
DinnerBroiled Mackerel
2 Celery stickes
1 cup miso soup

Week 3


#1 Cut down your carb intake to: less than 50g a day.
#2 Get your carb from fruits and vegetables (no more sweet potatoes).

Time to hit the 50g marks! If you just want to do ‘moderate’ low-carb diet, you can just stop here and continue to eat fruits.
You have to limit carb intake less than 20 g to achieve ketosis, but some people choose to not to go to the extent.
It is entirely up to you, 50g carb per day is still a significant improvement and accomplishment, just so you know!
For those of you who wants to achieve 20g marks, you are almost there!!

Week3 Meal Plan Example:

Total Calorie: 1493cal, Carb:49g, Fat: 103g, Protein: 87g

MorningSpinach Omlet:
2eggs, 1/2 cup spinach
with 1.4 cup feta cheese
1/2 Blueberries
Dannon Plain Greek Yogurt 1 container
Snack 120g Pecan
LunchKeto Friendly Bread
with peanut butter (2tbsp)
2 kiwi
Snack 2Berrie bowl:
1/2 cup Raspberries
Dannon Plain Greek Yogurt 1 container
1/2 tbsp chia seed
sprinkle of artificial sugar
DinnerGrilled chicken (thigh) with
salt and pepper.
Avocado 1/2

Week 4 -YAY!


#1 Cut down your carb intake to: less than 20g a day.
#2 No more fruits- maybe berries here and there, IF you can control your carb intake less than 20g a day.

Yay! you did it! It is time to hit 20g mark– you came long way.
Now that you are so use to prepping your food and know what to do more, you may feel more confident about this whole journey.
After 3-4 days, your body should go on ketosis- get your strips out and test it. The color change is your praise for going through this 4weeks plan!
I was so happy to see the strips change its color to pink- it was like finding present by my pillow on christmas day 🙂

Week4 Meal PlanExample:

Total Calorie: 1339cal, Carb:16g, Fat: 101g, Protein: 83g

Morning1 egg (in any style)
Keto Friendly Bread
Salami x5
Snack 13 slices Turkey Deli Meat
Mayo 1/2 tbsp
LunchCoffee with 1tbsp Heavy Whipping Cream
Broiled Halibut 100g
1/4 pecan
Avocado 1/2 medium
Snack 2coffee with Heavy Whipping Cream
(or better yet, WHIPPED cream :))
Dinnersmall broiled salmon
Bacon (3 slices cut in half) wrapped Asparagus (6 spears)
3 sliced Tomatos

After achieving your Ketosis, keep up and maintain your less than 20g carb intake for about 3 weeks. Once your body is used to the new dietary change, you will notice that you can maintain being on ketosis even if you cheat here and there 🙂
I had photo session for sushi restaurant one day, and they insisted me to eat all the food that they made for the shoot. Rice? Yes, they are like 45g carb per 1 cup, but I enjoyed the delicious rolls and sushi. Did I go off Keto? NO! As long as you don’t do that often, your body will be able to handle some cheat days now and then. It’s nice to know you can have cheesecake on your anniversary or your annual birthday cake without jeopardizing the effort you put into to achieve Keto.

I hope this 4 weeks plan would help you to achieve mental and physical improvements (and of course, weight loss as bonus!).

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